Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Want and Need You!

We are sending out on this doll again. This is Biscuit.

Her eyes speak to me. She is seven, living very lonely, spending most of her time outdoors. As you can see, she is on a rope. Her owners are in the midst of life change and must find her a new home. She is a sweet girl, very healthy, loves to play at dog parks, gets along with everyone and everything. Let me know if you are interested in giving this beauty love and a home. She is a golden, terrier mix. UPDATE: Biscuit is in a loving foster. The foster is on trip starting early May and Biscuit must find a home by then. PLEASE share this with everyone so we can help her. We got her off the rope, now she needs a good home. This is one sweet dog. She is located in Seattle. Contact:

Hi, my name is Kailo (Kay-lo).

I am about 5 months old and potty trained (i have only had a couple accidents).
I am also crate trained although i don't ever want to be away from you.
I love other dogs but just play to rough with cats.

Playing with little kids is one of my favorite things to do, i love the 2 year old i live with right now.
Car rides are the best but i have to sit on someones lap so a crate is probably best.
I know most of my basic commands and love to learn.
Adoption fee is negotiable but does exist.
I have my first set of shots and have been neutered.
Please come play with me and take me home!

Kahlua is in need of a loving forever safe home.

She is depressed now and we are paying for
her to be boarded to ensure she gets to live. Kahlua is a sweetheart, a
rotti who is a very healthy six. This girl has lots of miles left on her
and lots of love to give. If you are interested in her, her photo is
attached. She is in Tacoma.
Please contact me at or Ginger at

The devastation of the harsh wildfire in Georgia is putting a strain on the land and animals. The Okefenokee Humane Society is helping all of the animals that come their way. Any donation to them will really help. Many thanks.

If you can spare any money, please write a check to the Okefenokee Humane Society, and send it to:
Attn: Kay Thompson, Director
Okefenokee Humane Society
1501 Blackwell Street
Waycross, Georgia 31503

Or if you like, I will pick up your check from you, and send it in with my donation. Please forward my email to everyone you think may have the heart to help.

Thanks so much,
Penelope V. Kern
(206) 784-7841

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We are so Adoptable!

My new name is Roxy and I am so very cool!

I was saved from running around the streets. My foster Mom has 3 dogs already and there is little room. She named me Roxy. I have been there about a week and I need to find a permanent home. I am very good and get along with other dogs. I am very pretty too! I would be your best friend! Please contact my foster mom Judee at or

My name is Hondo and I am a wonderful one year old Black Labrador Mix.

I am neutered, have all my shots and I am extremely loyal dog.
I get along great with other dogs, kids, and people of all ages.
I have not been around cats yet.
I am housebroken, I think I am a lapdog and I am 60 lbs of pure LOVE!
I get so excited when ever I see you ~ my entire body just wiggles around you.
I am excellent on a leash, rides well in a car, SUPER SWEET and very SMART!
I love doggy parks, require a fenced in yard and also know a few commands.
I would love to have another dog to play with in the family household.
* Please email Ginger at if you want to meet me!
* Adoption Fee: $ 200.00

Monday, April 23, 2007

Love Me, Want Me, Take Me, I Am Yours!

Kaluha the Doberman Lab mix

Look how cool and great I am!
Hi ~ My name is Kaluha and I am a 6 yr old Doberman Mix.
I desperately need a foster home because I am in a boarding facility
and my first foster could no longer keep me.
I am spayed, have all my shots, weigh 70 lbs & I am so happy now.

Let me tell you my story ~
I was tied up for the first 4 years of my life and was so unhappy.
Along came the rescue team and now all I can do is SMILE, SMILE & SMILE!!!
I need a home with a lot of love and I prefer
someone who is home and can spend time with me.
Ginger is offering that who ever adopts me will get FREE dog classes
because she wants to give me a chance to become a better dog after
being chained up most all of my life.
I am full of energy and happy go lucky now.
I need a fenced in yard and I get along great with other dogs.
Older kids are great!!
Won't you please apply and meet me ASAP. I am SO excited to meet you !!!
* Please email Ginger at if you want to meet me !
* Adoption Fee: $ 200.00

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Come Man Come Dog, Chevy's Dog House Diner is OPEN!

This incredible, much anticipated event is here!

Chevy's Dog House Diner on West Main in Puyallup is having their Grand Opening Saturday, April 28th from 11 - 5.

You will find hot dogs for you and I and fresh baked treats along with Uneek Treats for happy dogs.

Kathleen was inspired to open Chevy's by none other than Chevy.

He is an incredible dog and Kathleen wanted very much to spend every day in Chevy's backyard with him.

As we all know that does not pay the bills, so Chevy's Dog House Diner was born.

Come down anytime and especially for the grand opening! You and your dog will have a blast.

Congress Passes Anti-Animal Fighting Law

The 110th Congress is under way, and we're at an unprecedented point in history when it comes to animal protection legislation. We have already celebrated a major victory this year with the passage of H.R. 137, the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. As we move forward to take advantage of this historic opportunity, here's a look at some of the other issues we'll be working on in 2007. Be sure to make your voice heard in support of the bills that have been introduced.

The Government Affairs section supports public policies—principally at the state and federal levels—to protect animals. Look up legislative efforts in each state.

Thank you Humane Society for helping us have a place to find out how we can do our part and get solid legislation in place to show that as a society, we care for those in our charge. We will stand only for the highest moral behavior and nothing less! The top left navigation bar will link you to legislative efforts and many more ways you can be directly involved and make a difference!

Thank you all for taking the time to add your voice to the many and help us grow stronger and louder and stand united!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stolen Dogs! Right Out of Their Own Yards

Seems like we are seeing these crimes happening in the same neighborhood in West Seattle.

Does this neighborhood have a watch that can be put in effect? Have you seen anything that you can report or help find their beloved children? There was also a flyer for a missing Golden too.

Vegas is missing too. She is sweet and loving and snatched from the same neighborhood! is the email address attached to Vegas.

Monday, April 16, 2007

An Incredible Success Story!

Okay everyone – just go with me on this. Big Red and Chester were the two Pits who bonded at the shelter and were recently rescued.

We started to receive e-mails afterwards that they were still at the shelter and weren't rescued at all. So, Caroline confirmed and they are safe. Perhaps it was just the timing and the e-mail reached some people much later.

But what's funny are their faces shown here after their rescue. I know Pits just have wide smiles but the second picture kills me. It just looks like they are laughing – like two college frat boys (too much beer?). I wish them a full and happy life together.

Let's do the same for Cheyenne and bring her home!

Help Find Me! Help Save Us! HELP!!


Female Golden Ret & Shepherd & Chow Mix
Chantelle -

Please pass this on to other rescues or individuals who may be able to help.

If you can help in any way, please contact the Murry County Shelter, just north of Atlanta, GA.

Please e-mail or call the shelter contacts listed below for more info.
(I'm sorry, I do not know details about transport or vaccinations;

I am just trying to help by passing this urgent message along.)

These adoptable pups are scheduled to die this Thurs p.m., Apr. 19th. Your rescue help is appreciated! Thank you! ...Teresa

Lisa Hester

Jamie Sprague

Pauline Davis
Murray County Shelter

A very pregnant Pit needs help. She is currently in the Spokane County Animal Shelter. Please contact Donna at or via pager at, then 0284. The shelter number is then 7. Even if she doesn’t expect a miracle let’s make one happen. Thanks.

My name is Donna and I work at the Spokane County Animal Shelter, in Spokane, WA. Someone suggested I contact you, they thought you might be able to help. If not, I totally understand. It seems like every shelter is full of pits and pit mixes these days and we just can't possibly place them all. The reason I am contacting you is to seek help with a very pregnant pit lady. She came in to our shelter several weeks ago and she is a very nice girl, very gentle and loving with us. She is listed on our Petfinder site as 1528. She is already bagging up and I am afraid she will be giving birth within a few days. I have had no luck finding a local rescue group, shelter or vet clinic who will take her on. I have no idea of the father's breed. I have to be honest in saying that our shelter is not equipped to foster a mother and litter, we always try to find outside help. So I thought it could not hurt to give you a try, it never hurts to ask. If you think you might have contacts or options that I could utilize, I would be very grateful. If you might be interested in her yourself, just say the word. I don't expect miracles but like I said, it can't hurt to ask. My voice mail at work is. I don't have a machine at home but you can always leave a message on the work voice mail and I can check that from home. My pager is, then 0284. The shelter's number is, then #7 to get through quicker. Thank you so much for any help you can offer. Thank you. Donna

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home, With Your Help It Is Not Just A Dream!

Sherlock wants to be Holmes, I mean, in a Home!

This baby has been given a second chance. Surviving parvo, he was passed from house to house then given to a pet store who gave him to a young girl for free. The girl's mom couldnt have a dog at their housing so came back to the vets office to ask for help. He needs a permanent home.

He is black and white spotted and small. He is american staffordshire. He needs love and attention now that he has been given a 2nd chance to live and live fully, happily and healthy. Cute as the dickens. Precious Sherlock is in Tacoma/Gig Harbor.
Please contact or sara at

Reply to:
Date: 2007-04-13, 1:27PM

Shadow is a 2 year old weimeryner pointer and pitbull. She does not act or look anything like a pitbull. She is very loving and hyper and needs lots of attention. She loves to cuddle and is verygood with small children. Weare moving and would love to see that Shadow goes to a good home with a family who will love her and give her lots of attention. Preferably a family with kids.

Original URL:

Friday, April 13, 2007

We Sure Would Like A Forever Home!

Nina The Siberian Husky

My name is Nina and I am a 4 year old Siberian Husky.
I am spayed, have all my shots and all ready to move in with a wonderful family!
I get along great with other dogs, cats and people of all ages including kids.
I walk well on a leash, am housebroken and I have a great temperament.
I only want to be loved for the rest of my life as I was a chained dog for two years
of my life. My owner moved away and left me and someone found me and is now fostering
me until I find my forever home. I am sweet, sweet and sweet.
You will not be disappointed if you want to adopt me.
A fenced in yard is required.
Please email Ginger at if you want to meet me!

Adoption fee: $ 250.00

Well everyone – they're here! Ellen, Caroline and I were there to greet our Pit Bull family of one mommy

(named Georgia) and 10 (yes ten) puppies! Sandy the transporter was the best and even slept in the truck with the family on their way here.

We have found another valuable contact in her. We will be sending out more information over the next day or so but we just want you to enjoy what many of you helped to accomplish. Thank you so much! The mother is a sweet angel and the puppies are little devils (2 females and 8 males)

Also, thank you to Sandy Bray in Georgia for helping. We couldn’t have done this without your help. It was well worth the effort.

A very touching goodbye as Sandy wishes Georgia a happy life here in Washington. She became very attached to Georgia who rode in the front seat with her for most of the trip. This dog is the best mother and will make a loving companion.

Hi I am Princess

A clever dog, and deserving of her Royal name. She was raised with her friend,Flower and they get along wonderfully. Princess wants everyone to know, she cat sit on command, and lay down when told. She is quite proud of this. She walks on her leash fine, but you can tell its a new experience for her.

Princess would love to spend the rest of her life, watching over your Kingdom and keeping you safe. She would enjoy a nice big yard, walks in the park, and lots of attention. She'd even volunteer to help rake the leaves.

Calling from outside the Longview, Washington area? Use our toll-free line 866-310-9665 and ask to speak to Kristi McReynolds, our Adoption Coordinator.
Size: Large Age: Adult Gender: Female ID: 104893

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Karma, You Were So Loved!

My soul mate,

my best friend and constant companion died Wednesday April 4th,

and a major part of me has died as well.

Her pancreatic cancer reared its ugly head very suddenly.

She spent 3 days in the ICU at the vet school in Pullman

She survived the surgery but her beautiful soulful heart just didn't have anything more to give and gave out.

I'm so lost. I'm so alone. It hurts so bad. Jeff, no longer with Karma the Wonderdog

Namaste (I Bow To You)
May 25th, 1998---April 4th, 2007


The Best Friends rapid response team is in action again. This time it's at a sanctuary outside of New York City. Full details, and how you can help, are at

Sara Whalen, the founder of Pets Alive, was a one-woman band with a heart of gold, a will of iron, more than 500 homeless pets and other animals, a small local staff – and no succession plan! She passed away a few weeks ago after a bout with cancer, leaving the animals in an emergency.

Things had deteriorated badly during her illness, and shortly before the end, members of the board asked Best Friends if we could come to the rescue. Since then, we've had a team on the ground – animal care staff, emergency veterinary support, and sanctuary maintenance – all working‘round the clock.

What we're doing:
Many of the animals needed emergency medical care, which they're getting. Beyond that, we're working our way through complete health checks and routine vaccinations, spay/neuter and the like.

New accommodations:
We also loaded up our trucks with the fencing we'd used in Hurricane Katrina and other rescues, and we've reassembled it now at Pets Alive. Some of the dogs were in very small, dark areas, and they all have lots more room to run and play and enjoy themselves.

Next steps:
In an agreement with the Pets Alive board, Best Friends will be running the sanctuary for the next three months. This includes all the urgent work that needs to be done right now. And we'll also be coming up with a series of options for the future of Pets Alive, which we'll present to the board at the end of June.

For the future:
The sanctuary itself has enormous potential to do good. And that was always Sara's vision for it. In the last few weeks, we've heard from many people who are closely in touch with the New York region and who can see the many roles that a sanctuary like Pets Alive could fulfill for the community as a whole. So we'll be building all of that into our assessment

But first things first:
Right now there's an urgent situation on the ground, and the animals need all the help we
can give them.

We've set up a special page on the Best Friends Network with news, blogs, and information
about volunteering, adopting, and donations.

Donations are critical. The animals need all the help they can get. Your donation, large or small, will make all the difference. When our first team arrived, they were greeted like the proverbial cavalry to the rescue! It was so encouraging.

And with their new spacious play areas, the animals are all perking up. “It's already beginning to feel like Best Friends here!”said one of the volunteers.

Pets Alive means so much to the animals who live there, the people who have worked there, and the whole region that it has supported. Between us we can make it all worthwhile … and maybe even give it a whole new future, too. Please join us with your support.

It's a major operation, and you'll find news updates, blogs, and information on how to adopt, volunteer and donate on our website.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Very Special Shelter Needs Help With a Very Special Breed

Hi I am Scooby and I am very special! I am a 3 1/2 year old, Neutered (Male), Pit Bull, may I come home with you?

This precious basically blind Pit Bull is at the same shelter as the two other Pits in love. If we can pool together we can get them transported to safety all at once. The owners said Scooby was “too affectionate”. Oh the stupid reasons people dump their beloved companions. Please read information below. What a face! My previous owners say they abandoned me at the shelter because I am
too affectionate, but most likely it*s because of my eyesight. I am completely blind in one eye with only partial vision in the other. I am very people friendly, and love attention.

I do bark at other dogs, but what's a dog to do when I can't see
body posture to read another dogs intentions? Please bail me out of prison, I would love to have a home to call my own with loving understanding owners could that be you?

Tomika Johnson
New Hope Coordinator
South Los Angeles Shelter
Hours: Friday - Tuesday Noon to 8pm

Hi, we are Big Red and Chester! We are a dynamic duo!
Update 4-15-2007

RESCUED!! These boys are going to get the happy ending they so deserve!
Huge thank you to Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets for saving their lives.
Sally--thanks so much for transporting these boys to their rescue!!
Chester and Big Red received a huge response and I am grateful to everyone who tried to help them.

I can't stand it, the idea that these two will soon be dead. Big Red is red listed and his friend Chester is green listed. How awful to think of Big Red being dragged away first, leaving Chester alone to wait for his death in this cold, loud, scary, loveless place. They did not come in together, they met in prison but these two ADORE each other. They are always, always together. They follow each other around, they snuggle, they lean into each other and are clearly so comforted by each other. There is a smaller terrier in with them and they are completely fine with him altho the terrier is not part of the love-fest.

These are two of the nicest pit bulls you could ever ask for. True ambassadors for their breed. They are so loving, friendly and gentle. Even after their long stay at the shelter, they still come up to the front and look at you with pleading eyes in hopes that you will take them home or, at the very least, give them a kind word and a pet. Chester used to be a really wiggly, happy boy but he now "gets it" that he is in big trouble. He is solemn and sad every time I see him, nothing like the big happy boy he used to be.

They truly just shatter my heart. What are the chances that these two will make it out alive? What are the chances that even one will make it out?? They don't deserve this, the are the BEST dogs-calm, well mannered and SO full of love.

THEY NEED A MIRACLE OR THEY WILL SOON BE KILLED. Please, if anyone can help, email

My name is Fiesta and I have been in this shelter for the longest time.

People walk by my cage and always adopt my buddies and they forget about me.

If you can foster me I would be so happy. Ginger will take care of my spay and vet bills
and she even has donated puppy classes all lined up for me.

I just can't wait to hear from you ...maybe today?
It's really life depends on you!

Email her at:

We Did It!!! SB5227 ~ Passed the House and will become law!

Grab An Animal, Any Animal, and Give Them A Hug!

It's time to celebrate! Last evening SSB5227 passed out of the House of Representatives 98-0! Once the Senate approves the amendment that was added in the House, the bill will be sent to Governor Gregoire for signature! After that, abandoning an animal in Washington State may get you up to a year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. That's a mighty strong incentive to do the right thing and take responsibility for the on-going care of your animal. This is the fourth animal cruelty bill that YOU have helped us pass in the past four years.

Thank you from the tip of our tails! Thank you Pasado!!!Now we need to thank a few very important members of our Washington State legislator without whom this win could not have taken place. Two very wonderful women are at the top of that list. Senator Rosemary McAuliffe really came through for us and was instrumental in getting the bill out of the Senate. This doesn't surprise us because she's always a strong supporter of animal welfare legislation.
Second, Representative Lynn Kessler who took that same role in the House of Representatives. She too is always there for us and is just an all around class act. Senator Rodney Tom prime sponsored this bill, testified in the committee hearings and was very responsive when the bill ran into trouble or was in danger of dying.

Please take a moment to send a quick thank you to these extremely intelligent and compassionate people? We want to make sure we can count on them again next year when we take on the next fight!

Senator Tom -
Senator McAuliffe -
Representative Kessler -

I know many of you passed on our emails to your friends and relatives and we hope that you pass this one on as well. Their efforts paid off and will continue to pay off for the animals for a very long time.

There are lots of critters on the farm to hug so I better get started! Give yours a a big hug from us.
As always, for the animals

Look At The Faces. Want To Be Able To Do That Every Day?

Athena and Ghost, the Dynamic Duo

These two dolls, a boy and a girl, are desperate for a home that can
give them attention and love. They are both nine, have lived together
since day one and have only each other as the sure thing that gets them

Their current owners are very financially and time strapped and want a
much better life for their kids. Ghost and Athena are already in foster
care but the situation there is very temporary and we must move them by
April 14.

Athena is a rotti, beagle mix and adorable. Ghost is her favorite thing
in the world other than humans :). Ghost is a malamute or husky shepherd
mix. He gets dogs, cats, kids, adults of both genders. He is a pretty
content old guy. He is very attached to his girl Athena and whines badly
when she is gone.
PLEASE pass this along to everyone you know who cares about animals.
Email me or Judith at

I need a home and a name!! I am so CUTE!

Wendy is a fellow rescuer in San Diego. She sends out this help request for this little puppy and perhaps someone can help. If you think you please contact Wendy at or at 619-445-8741. Thank you so much.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Attention Dog Lovers

Linda McCoy is a very good friend & a wonderful foster mom to many of the death row dogs that need urgent care. She is now looking for some good quality help so if you are interested please contact her. You can also check out her website at:
Sincerely, Ginger G Luke

Hi my name is Andy

am a 3 yr old American Staffordshire Terrier.
I am neutered, have all my shots and I weigh 60 lbs.
I am very sweet, loving, affectionate and a submissive dog.
I love to rest my head on your lap!
I get along great with people of all ages, kids, dogs, cats and all.
I am also housebroken and I don't run away.
I am SOOO excited to find my new forever home.
Please email Ginger and tell her that you would like to meet me !!!
I hope that my forever home will be just around the bend.
Adoption fee: $ 175.00

Here is a group of sweet, very adoptable dogs at the high-kill Murray County Shelter,
It is located just north hof Atlanta, GA. They are scheduled to be euthanized this Thursday morning, and Lisa Hester at the shelter is hoping that some of the rescues in our area can help to save some of these dogs. Please contact the Shelter if you can help in any way. Thank you!

Here are the shelter contacts:

Lisa Hester

Jamie Sprague

Pauline Davis
Murray County Shelter

This is Biscuit.

Her eyes speak to me. She is seven, living very lonely, spending most of her time outdoors. As you can see, she is on a rope. Her owners are in the midst of life change and must find her a new home.
We are on a fast track for her so she does not end up in a shelter.

She is a sweet girl, healthy, gets along with everyone and everything. Let me know if you are interested in giving this beauty love and a home. Foster considered. Adoption fee.

My name is Lulu and I am a Black Labrador Mix.

I am 6 years old, spayed with all my shots and even microchipped.
I get along great with other dogs but have not been around any cats before.
I am 45 lbs, very sweet, lively, friendly and very polite.
I have excellent manners and will not even jump on the furniture even when invited to do so.
I know 5 commands and would love to go to obedience school to learn more.
I would love to be around another dog to play with.
I also require a fenced in yard
I love doggy parks, I walk well on a leash and I am completely housebroken.
I really am looking forward to finding my good solid forever home.
Please email Ginger today so we can meet soon !!!
Adoption fee: $ 200.00