Monday, October 30, 2006

Calling All Animal Lovers!

They said it best so I will just insert here...

Can anyone please step up to the plate and help me here?
This dog will die tonight if I can not find him a foster home.
Can you help me...I am desperate.
One day is not enough time but its one dog at a time.
His photo is attached.

Vet Care & Skin Treatment will be paid by Ginger's Pet Rescue.

Thanks, Ginger

Original Post...
This sweetheart is at the Tacoma Humane Society and is scheduled to be
euthanized today. He has mange, a very easily treatable skin condition.
He is a doll and if we can just find him a foster where he can rest himself and get his skin cleared up then he will be ready to rock and roll into a permanent home.

He sure does look like a sweety!!!!!


There is always a need for foster homes. Especially for Pit Bulls. These mostly kind misrepresented creatures find themselves in a tougher situation than most dogs. Shelters will not adopt them out. If not for the kindness of foster homes, they will not find their way but to the next life.

These 3 pups are in that very situation. Please, if you know of anyone kind and able, please HELP! They need a forever home. A secure and loving environment where they can share their great gift with a new owner.

Hi everyone, People are now being evicted out of Stoyan Tanevs rental building. Its good news but my heart is going out to the animals. One of the people that lives there is a women named Tonya, her daughter and grand son. They have three Pitt Bull dogs between them. One of the dogs I know pretty well. When we lived next door to Stoyan This dog would always come over to the back of our house and wait for me to come out and give her a treat. I really fell in love with her. Shes about 5 or 6 years old, pure white, very gentle and fixed. She wanders around free behind the fence at Stoyans so shes use to being around a lot of people and children and other dogs. I would love to find a home for her otherwise she will go to the pound with the rest of them. Do you know anyone who might be interested? I have called all the Pitt Bull rescues and they are full. If you can help call me at 935-3596. Thanks Donna

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dooley's Health Fair 2006

What a cold day at Dooley's Doghouse today....could see your breath at times. But what a good time!

First up, a Boxer named Charley who is four years old today!!! and his sister Madison who is just 3 years old, is a mini Pincher. There isn't any better birthday for Charley than a whole parking lot full of free treat!

Another cutie is Theo, a Shelty and such an intelligent look.

Lang-Lang, a Fox Terrier from Redmond and Dundee, a Westy from Burien staying with Mystic Mountain Retreat say hi.

Pasado's Safe Haven was there- they rescue older dogs- and the great guys they had there today were:
Buddy, a Chow mix. Gracie, A BIG BLACK DOG, Myrtle, a Cocker

Buddy, a Golden Retriever and believe it or not, a buddy of Buddy.

If your looking for a more sedate dog that will fit your golden years lifestyle, contact Pasado. (Insider hint, Buddy is a charmer and loves slow walks and leisurely scratches behind the ear)

Reading with Rover Pet Partners
was there too with the reading pals:

Mocha, a chocolate (gasp, how coincidental) Lab.

Tuck, a Leinberger.

Rusty 1/2 Jack and 1/2 Chi.

Junior, a King Charles Cavalier.

Purrfect Pals
and Meow Cat Rescue and Adoption, both cat adoption groups were represented and so well received by the cat people. We are dog people and are use to the affection shown to our family members, but the love in the eyes of those holding the cats, in small blankets to keep them warm, was something to see. Go to the links if you are a cat person and want an adorable bundle of furry love.

A 4 month old Boxer named Lilly came by and charmed us when she settled down enough from being a puppy trying to go in several directions at one time. When everything is brand new, that is hard to do.

Sadie, a 9 month old Retriever was another charmer who stopped and took a treat.

Casy, a Rat Terrier was a quick ' hi and I have smells to run down', and was gone.

Cloe, a cattle dog Boxer mix stopped and showed that that kind of mix is a handsome one.

Piko, a short haired doxy was a very inquisitive little fellow who watched everything very, very closely.

Here I am with Mo Mo was a fuzzy Yorkie puppy who kissed everybody who got in range.

Katy, a pure bred mutt and a sweety

Jobie, a snoodle, toodled by

Pepper, a Westy with a great do

Then there was Mr. Beans, very old, deaf and arthritic, who owns Chuck who owns Dooley's Dog House, was the clean up crew. He would periotically hobble out wearing a Chinese silk coat and Hoover up the left behind treats and what ever was given to him and he got more handouts than the Tramp.

It was a fun day today. So many good friends and all new. The people were OK too. Ha!

This was a really interesting event and everyone was more than willing to visit. It was that kind of gathering. Hopefully one of many, although due to the weather, we insist that they be held in Hawaii!!!!

Her are some links:
reading with
So until next time, Ciao.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Toby Needs To Find His Forever Home

Please help Toby find a home. Share his story with someone who you think can help Toby win the doggie lottery, a great home!

Hi my name is Toby and I am a German Shepherd Mix.
I am 11 yrs old, housebroken, up to date with all my shots, neutered and all ready to go! I am a 70 lb dog that would love to be with an adult who we could spend time on car rides, walks and just snuggle at your feet. I am sweet, very loyal and protective of my owner. I am best with kids over the age of 15. I have been living at the vet for almost four months now and would really like to find my forever home. Wont you please call Ginger and ask to meet me soon?
Love, Toby,

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Roofest '06

We spent the day amongst the Grayhounds. It was a do for the adoption of these very different dogs.

This was my first contact with the breed. Go to the dog park and try to pet one and like the rest of the big dogs, you are ignored. You get the feeling that they are full of themselves but this is not the case. They are loving and very attentive to their family.

Most if not all of them are rescues from really horrible conditions and they only know their own breed and not allowed to mix socially with other breeds.

All of the dogs today were very laid back and would let you pet them to your hearts content. All were very soft and very clean. We found out that they have very thin skins and would show any scratches and we saw a lot. Before we found out about the skin we thought that they got it from racing.

For a large dog, they are very good in apartments or condos. Although, any dog of any size would benefit from a large yard.

They are very quiet generally but some were chatty cathys and whined a lot of stories.

And then one of the people helping out started to howl and all of the dogs picked up on it and for at least a half a minute we felt we were keeping company with wolves. Very strange....

The dogs that are up for adoption are:

Bobbie-dark red and fawn-20 mo.'s old.

Chief- brindle-5 years old and Star

Spot- white with black-1 1/2 yrs old.

Didgeridoo- brindle-18 mo.s old. and Holly too

Gable-brindle-4 yrs. old.

Star-white-2 yrs old---- got a home!!!!!!- see her pretty in pink.

Tessa-dark fawn-2 yrs old---- also went home!!!!! Will join 3 others- how cool is that?

Lacy-white with brindle-18 yrs old with Spot

Holly-white with black-18 mo's old.

Belle- white with fawn-17 mo's old.

We may hear about Didgeridoo later. He has a home visit to make. But you should have seen the bonding going on with Dig and the young lady who would like to have him. Her parents are also looking at two of the others. Good luck guys!

New friends are:

Wendy, a brindle and such a chatterbox. Was telling us stories all day. This was one single moment we caught her resting.

Cagney, also a brindle, likes to eat off the table-big dog, boardinghouse reach.

Ann, white and brown, very warm to the touch.

Otis, a Colorado rescue of 6 weeks and now in family of 4.

Cleo,a brindle and Bill, white and brown of Pacific Rain Company say hi.

A learning day today and well worth the time, especilly when you see the dogs leaning their heads into their owners and they stood around- also very patient with just standing there with you whether or not they are being petted.

See the people to contact if you are interested in one of these wonderful dogs and until next time, Ciao.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Please take a moment to see how much you can donate to Sarvey Wildlife Rescue Operation! If everyone in our state sent in $5, imagine what they could do. If our community was united world wide and that many more sent in $5, imagine what they could do! What they do is simply amazing. If you have more time than money, I bet they would be able to use your time just as much.

Here is the email I received from Gingers Pet Rescue. Thank you Ginger!!! Just look at this face!

Dear Animal Lovers, Please post this wide and far.....We all need to pitch in and help this wonderful sanctuary in Arlington that homes over 3,000 injured animals this past 8 months. ~ Can you please help!
Click on website and donate via Paypal. Thanks, Ginger

Local wildlife rescue group in need of donations
October 2, 2006

By Joe Furia

Sarvey Wildlife Center might have to start turning away injured animals because finances cannot keep up with demand.

ARLINGTON, WASH. - They devote their lives to helping wild animals, but now a local wildlife rescue group is the one in need of help.

Sarvey Wildlife Center, near Arlington in Snohomish County, might soon have to start turning away injured animals, because finances cannot keep up with demand.

The screams of wild animals needing help has been non-stop this year.

Eagles, owls, raccoons, squirrels, bears, cougars... 3,050 animals have come to Sarvey in just eight months.

And because so many have needed so much help this year, the wildlife center is running out of money.

"This is the worst it has been in 30 years," founder Kaye Baxter said. "I am not kidding. It's the worst it's been in 30 years."

So bad that Sarvey Center held an emergency meeting over the weekend to discuss the possibility of having to shut its doors to any new animals unless the center can quickly raise a whole lot of money.

Because the volunteers here say the cost to feed, medicate, rehabilitate and care for these animals is staggering.

"It costs us 15-to-20 thousand dollars a month," Kaye Baxter said, "just a month."

Sarvey Wildlife Center is a non-profit rescue operation.

If you'd like to help, you can go to their website at

Monday, October 02, 2006

Another nice day in Des Moines

Our first visitors today were two therapy dogs, Alvin, a bulldog (who let me call him Spike) and a chocolate Lab Zathrus (who, strangely enough, didn't look Greek).

Then came Lani & Kai, Yorkies- a fuzzy wuzzi and a skinny winnie, a pair of real sweeties!

Next was George, a Husky and Basset and who Knows (or cares) just look at that face. His very well trained owner is our best repeat customer. Way to go George!!!

A bit slow today. Probably the weather, but don't let that stop you from coming out next Saturday and saying 'HI'.

Till next time, Caio.