Friday, June 30, 2006

Meeting Janet Evanovich 6/27/06

I just had my 35th birthday and I could not have had a better one! I got to meet my favorite author, Janet Evanovich. I got Twelve Sharp autographed, a picture with Janet and a Rangeman t-shirt. I gave daughter Alex Uneek Treats for their St. Bernard Barnaby. It was a real treat!

I got to eat dinner at Mamma Melina Ristorante on Roosevelt in the U- District with Pete and our friends Sal and Shelly. The best Italian food I have ever had! Everyone else thought so too!

Ballard Market 6/25/06

Ballard Market was a blast. I got there super early in the morning and the streets were empty. It was peaceful before the market started.

The vendors came and brought the market to life. The flower and fruit vendors are the first to arrive and from there the rest of us get set up to start the day.

Our first time in Ballard was better than I could have expected. There were so many great dogs. Neeko and Echo stopped by for some water and samples and decided on Nut Rolls. They were so much fun to meet. I hope they come by again to say hello and perhaps try another flavor.

Mochi, a Golden Doodle, came by our booth and stole everyones heart. What a great combination! I have never met a Golden Doodle before. She is so soft, kind and one of the cutest faces of all time. I had to get a picture and share her with everyone.

Neeko, Echo, Mochi and all the dogs that came by are Uneek dogs. What a great way to spend the day. Thank you everyone for your support! I look forward to next Sunday.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Issaquah Farmers Market 6/24/06

We're back. Our second time at the Issaquah Market was just as fun as the first. We had our first repeat customers Keela (the Mexican Growling Weiner Doodle) with her sister Irish and a new friend Riley. This was our first time meeting Irish. She is so sweet. Riley was a gentleman and so soft and fun to pet.

Our Uneek booth was also visited by a Serch look-a-like Luna. I couldn't believe it when I saw her. She is a dead ringer for Serch-e-boy. Since Serch is a rescue maybe Luna is his long lost sister!

Thank you all for your support! Every box we sell allows us to donate to a needy organizations.

Earth Pet in Issaquah

Uneek had another great day. Earth Pet welcomed us on Friday June 23rd. I had the best day and enjoyed meeting the entire Earth Pet gang!

Scarlet, Evelyn and Hazel enjoyed all the treats and special attention from their Mom and Earth Pet owner Kristina as they showed off for all of the customers.

Earht Pet manager Pearl has trained her Border Collie, Brynn (one of three) to do an amazing routine of tricks. He is a great performer and really enjoys his rewards. They all went crazy for Uneek Treats and could not get enough.

Kristina and Pearl are so knowledgable about their products and what it takes to keep your pet in great health and fun. They carry the best products and what I enjoyed most about meeting everyone, was how they were all greeted by name!

That means so much to see so many repeat customers. Uneek friends Sal and Shelly Mom and Dad to their pug Willie and Laurie Mom to TJ support Earth Pet because they are such a great home for nutrition, environmentally friendly toys and everything dog that you can imagine (cats too)!

Earth Pet is the favorite shop of one delightful girl. Sophie with her Mom Page. I named her Sophie Sweet because she was just that! So very sweet.

Thank you to everyone who supports us and to Earth Pet for our biggest sale day yet!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Issaquah Farmer's Market

It was a great Saturday and Uneek Treats booth was a great hit at the Issaquah Farmers Market. I love it there and I met some of the best pet families.

We were lucky to get a great shot of Roxy and her Pizza Crust...

...and Keela and Lady posing together, waiting for more treat samples.

We saw some great tricks for Uneek samples and got to scratch so many cool dogs behind the ears. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing you again real soon. Uneek Treats will try to be there as many Saturdays as we can!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Eastside Dog

I spent the day handing out treats at Eastside Dog (and Cat Too)


Uneek Treat samples...

Sue and the entire staff are great. They love what they do and I met tons of terrific dogs. Eastside dog is now carrying Uneek Treats. The store is barely 10 minutes from Marymoor Dog Park and a great treat after some offleash running and playing. I really enjoyed being their this afternoon. I plan to be in EarthPet in Issaquah next. Hope to see you there!