Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It all started when I approached Merrick to be a sponsor for a charity event. They liked the idea very much. I was not aware that they are so charity minded. And I can tell you, I had no idea how charity minded they really are.

They said they could donate sample bags of their new product Before Grain for the event. They asked how many bags we would need. I told them 1200. They did not bat an eye.

They could not wait to come on board. I thought I hit the jackpot. Sure enough, I did.

Merrick sent me a sample of the gift bags. It was impressive. There were cans of Before Grain for dogs and cats, 1 lb bags of dry Before Grain for dogs and cats and some sausages and flossies. I could not believe the size of each bag.

Well, with the snow and floods the delivery was not made in full for the event, so the bags were only filled with half the product. Since it was already here, I asked Merrick if I could donate the rest on their behalf to all the shelters and rescue operations in our area.

They said please do!

I actually ended up with 7 pallets/5000 lbs of food delivered to my garage. Every day I filled my Xterra to capacity and delivered;

18 cases of wet dog and cat food and 18 cases of dry dog and cat food to Tacoma Humane Society. Contact Kathleen Olson Executive Director 253.284.5850 kathleen0@thehumanesociety.org

18 cases of wet cat and dog food and 21 cases of dry cat and dog food and 5 ~ 30 lb bags of kibble to Kent Animal Shelter. Contact Nancy B. McKenney King County Animal Control 206.618.2651 nancy.mckenney@kingcounty.gov. This shelter is special to me because this is where I got Serch. My boy. ;d]

10 cases wet dog and cat food 15 cases dry dog and cat food to Bullseye Dog Rescue. Contact Gretchen Andersen 206.372.3751 gretchen@bullseyerescue.org. I actually met them at the Kent Animal Shelter after my delivery. They were there evaluating the pit bulls for foster/adoption. I love this group! They are also a great resource for your pals when you go on vacation or just want them to have every day care while you are at work. They are Muddy Paws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. Please support them and their business. It enables them to devote much needed and important time to help save one of the most beautiful breeds. The ever discriminated and abused Pit Bull. Jennifer and Gretchen are rock stars and I so enjoyed that we could help them!

40 cases of wet cat and dog food 24 cases of dry cat and dog food to Everett Animal Shelter in response to their 150 dog puppy mill rescue. Contact George ‘Bud’ Wessman 425.257.6001 bwessman@ci.everett.wa.us

36 cases wet dog and cat food 24 cases dry dog and cat food and 5 30 lb bags to Seattle Animal Shelter. Contact Kara Main-Hester 206.386.4293 kara.main-hester@seattle.gov.

We had hoped to donate to Animals First Foundation in larger quantity than we did but without realizing it, we had run out of dog food. We still had cat food left so we were able to give them some dog but plenty of cat food.

Heather with Animals First came and took more cat food for the food bank in Burien in response to the call put out for pet food. They are in desperate need as there are many seniors in the area who cannot afford to feed their pets and themselves. AAUURRGGHHH!!!

Heather with Animals First is also going to be getting more of the cat food to take the to Ballard Food Bank who also put out a call for pet food.

My friends who own the Sauer Kraut German Deli and Bakery in Squim stop by and I was telling them what I was doing and how amazing Merrick is to donate all this food. I asked if their area was in need and they mentioned their neighbor Linda Kemp who has been saving cats for years. I was delighted to help her with a few cases and will post more info on her when I receive it.

Here is Linda's reply...
My name is Linda Kemp and I am a neighbor of Dan Heintz from Sequim.
He brought me many boxes of BG dry cat food which you gave to him.
I can't tell you how thrilled and how grateful I am in receiving them. I am sure he shared the story about my paraplegic yellow lab dog, paraplegic cat, diabetic cat and 2 other healthier kitties that I care for.

The no grain diet is what I feed my diabetic cat so this food was perfect .... I am also getting the other kitties to eat this way too.
I will take more time in the very near future to spend more time on your site, it appears you are involved in many good things with animal rescue and nutitrition etc...
I am a member of Peninsula Friends of the Animals, who have the Safe Haven facility here in Sequim.

I did a painting of Maggie and Hope (the crippled kitty) that was featured on the cover of a book entitled: "Tails from the Heart" which is a fundraiser for Peninisula Friend of the Animals
My life has never been so blessed since taking on these special furry angels, thanks to caring people like you who make it more possible to care for them too.

Your truly,
Linda Kemp

I also would like to report that Merrick is going to do another amazing delivery of food for the horrible situation of 600 dogs in a puppy mill scheme outside of Seattle, that came to light this last week. I had just finished my donations when I learned of this atrocity and even after donating 5000 lbs of food they were going to do more!

WOW! In light of the times and economy Merrick is donating in record volumes. I give them 5 out of 4 paws. I have the utmost respect for their mission in this industry.

They are one of the two last privately owned pet food companies left and you can see how much of a difference that makes. Donating to the local grass roots efforts and some of the best food on the market for your pet. This is just what they have done for Seattle. I cannot imagine what they are doing in the rest of the country.

You go Merrick and thank you for letting me share in your generosity!


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