Sunday, September 23, 2007

Des Moines on a Wonderful Saturday

What a wonderful day it has been. I loved that we missed the bad weather but Fall is surely coming. You can tell by the farmers fare and a cooling in the air. Peppers, potatoes, corn, apples. Great fresh organic food that is locally grown. FLowers full of fall colors make up wonderful displays for your table.

We met quite a few heroes today. Here is Emmy Lou. She is 5 months old a rescue and the best pall in the house. She goes out, everyday, down the long drive, to get the morning paper.

Bianca just got adopted that very morning. She was adopted out from a loving home that could not spend the time with her that she needs. Dogs need to run, play and be social. They are roving pack animals. Thank you to the wonderful parents who realize that and the wonderful family who adopted her.

Meet Copper, he is just 3 months old and a sweet, sweet boy! He was so soft, loving and still had puppy breath! His parents are just so proud. He is a loved boy!

What an adorable girl. She is aptly named Penny Pincher. On her way to the groomers, she decided that her and Dad needed to stop by and check out the market. Dad credits Penny for saving his life with her unconditional love. Penny was the best gift a sister could give.

Well, we still have a few more Saturday's before the season ends. but that does not stop folks from stalking up. We had one customer that had to buy a supply of our Uneek Treats Pizza Crust for her dog and cat! Can you believe it!

Until next time, Ciao!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two Very Very Special Adoptions to Just the Right Families

These two dogs are amazing and just need the right family to come and save them.

A dog’s good temperament is not necessarily adversely affected when he/she loses any of the 5 senses. Such is the case for Bagel who is blind.

He sounds like a good little guy and
needs a family willing to work with his limitation. He doesn’t have to see his person/people with his eyes to know he loves them or show his love for them. He doesn’t have to see them with his eyes to appreciate their love. It is possible it was his person that was blind when he/she turned Bagel in to the shelter. We will never know.
If you are interested in Bagel please contact the Everett Shelter at 425-257-6000. Let’s hope we are not too late. Thank you.


is a very energetic dog who knows she currently has it made – just look at the attitude through in the last photo.

Unfortunately, her sporadic energy spurts and nipping/tugging at fabrics has caused some concern for her present guardians.

She is very loved but they feel she would be more suitable in a home that doesn't have children or won't have many children coming in and out. In addition to this she does not like other female dogs. However, Emily is friendly and DOES have good points. House trained (will ring bells to let you know when she needs to go out) and a cuddler, she is very charming, athletic, playful and good company overall. Her present family does want the best for her and genuinely feel that another environment is more suitable for this pampered beauty. Below is a more detailed summary of Emily directly from her guardian.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Emily please contact me at . I am working with her guardians to find a new placement for her. She is presently still at home and we hope to avoid a shelter atmosphere for her. Thank you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Seahawks Score Uneek Play for Dogs

The Seattle Seahawks are helping dogs at local animal shelters and rescues by donating their old towels. ‘Towels for Shelters’ is a campaign organized by Deena Cornish, owner of the Auburn-based Uneek Dogs company.

“Towels are in constant need at animal shelters and rescue organizations,” says Deena. “Most people are not aware that this is an ongoing need. I’m so grateful to the Seahawks for their generosity in participating in this campaign and I know the shelters will be, too.”

A longtime animal advocate and Seahawks employee contacted Uneek about donating their old, used towels that would normally be thrown out. The Seahawks are not only dog lovers, community minded and generous, they are thinking green.

Uneek Dogs sells Uneek Treats, which are 100% Organic, high-protein grain treats you can eat yourself as well as feed to your dog. They offer complete nutrition in every bite. Uneek Treats donates 25 cents from each box sold to rescue operations for needy animals.

This campaign is being sponsored by the generous donation from Today's Diet and Nutrition Magazine. They are a great supporter of our treats and our charity efforts.

For more information on how to donate towels or start your own ‘Towels for Shelters’ campaign in your area, contact Deena Cornish at or visit

Monday, September 03, 2007

Miracles Happen! Let's Make Another One!

This all started 5 days ago - when I got a call from a woman in Sea-Tac (BLESS HER!) who said she had been feeding a stray dog for about a month and she saw the posters and got a better look at Cheyenne and called to tell me that she would come into her yard to eat late at night - so I started camping out in front of her house just waiting - and sure enough she came for dinner each time - she was extremely scared and skittish at first - so for the first 3 nights all I could do is watch her from my car window - because if there was any movement she would bolt - but then last night ~~~~

She has been living in one of those overgrown Port of Seattle lots over by the Groomers and the Airport, and then coming out at night to cross the street and eat from the neighbors who Thank God were feeding her.

Star is so happy to see her too ! And to top it off - it was my husbands 40th Birthday last night.

We are very Blessed ! - And I am so happy to be able to share this incredible news with all the amazing people who have followed her story from the beginning, and came out on their own time to help us look for her and for the many prayers that were said daily - God Bless All Of You!

If you have a lost pet - PLEASE DON"T GIVE UP - AND JUST KEEP PUTTING THOSE POSTERS UP AND TELLING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE !!! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!! It has been 4 months and 3 weeks since Cheyenne first went missing - and now she is HOME! : )

GENEVA needs a miracle too...
The pictures below tell you so much about this dog‚s personality and it‚s touching. Her face makes you smile (because she looks like she‚s enjoying a good joke) and clearly she has an affectionate and warm side to her, too.

Geneva is a 2 ∏ year old Pit whose owner is sick and is also being evicted. She has until September 10th and if not rescued, we may not see her smile anymore. Teresa from The Big Dog Project is asking us to help them find a place for charming Geneva.

From their observation the owner loved his pets and the dogs have good coats and are socialized. They have no room at their rescue and with fosters so Geneva was left behind to face an uncertain future.

If you cannot readily adopt can you please foster her for a while? Teresa is very worried and really wants to help her. Please contact her about any alternatives or ideas at . Thank you.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Here is Special Request for the Special Home!

This is Cody. Cody was in the Tacoma Shelter for about three months.

She was adopted out and returned right away. The lady said she had separation issues and tore up her house. I have not noticed any issues at all. I think she said it just to have a good reason to return her. She is two years old, Lab / Shar Pei mix. Weighs about 45 lbs. Housebroken, cat friendly, not dog aggressive at all.

We have two small children 8 and 3. She likes them and kisses them, however I would like to see her go to a home with a single person or couple with no kids. She deserve a quiet home after all she has been through. Don't get me wrong, SHE IS NOT KID AGGRESSIVE IN ANY WAY, she is just so mellow and laid back, and after the rough start in life, she should be able to sleep in peace.

After three weeks she is now running and playing with my dog. It has taken her awhile to wake up from her depressive state, but she is a happy dog. We really want to adopt her, but I think there may be a home out there that is quieter then mine that she may fit into better.
So...she is the perfect dog for someone that wants a low-maintance dog. She sleeps a lot and likes to just lay where you are. I love this dog. She will only go to the "perfect" home.