Monday, April 13, 2009


Charlie is with his new family. He has come full circle. His new best friend is home all day with him and needs Charlies assistance. How great is that! We wish him the best. He deserves it! Check out these awesome photos.

His family was out there just waiting to find him.

Charlie is an amazing dog. I have been working with him and he is quick to learn and loves to please. He is losing his foster home this Friday. He suffers from being lonely and longing for a permanent place to be loved. His current foster home has really helped him with that. Let's not let him lose that ground!

He is a love bug! He watches TV. He can tell when animals are on vs. people. (Each highlight is a different Charlie video.) He plays with his busy buddy and stuffed hedge hog and really just wants to curl up with you on your lap.

He desperately wants a family with a yard and lots of people to show off all his awesomeness. Does not seem to care about long walks although he enjoys a good car ride. I noticed his favorite is to be with you at home snuggling!

Charlie is 71 lb American Bull Terrier. He is a very short hair, shiny boy who can sit, lay down, stay and leave it with treats on his paws!

He is an amazing talent and would be such a wonderful companion. He is kind-hearted and easy going, doesn't mind cats either! Oh yeah and CHARLIE LOVES KIDS!! LOVES them and wants tons to play with.


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