Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Very Special Shelter Needs Help With a Very Special Breed

Hi I am Scooby and I am very special! I am a 3 1/2 year old, Neutered (Male), Pit Bull, may I come home with you?

This precious basically blind Pit Bull is at the same shelter as the two other Pits in love. If we can pool together we can get them transported to safety all at once. The owners said Scooby was “too affectionate”. Oh the stupid reasons people dump their beloved companions. Please read information below. What a face! My previous owners say they abandoned me at the shelter because I am
too affectionate, but most likely it*s because of my eyesight. I am completely blind in one eye with only partial vision in the other. I am very people friendly, and love attention.

I do bark at other dogs, but what's a dog to do when I can't see
body posture to read another dogs intentions? Please bail me out of prison, I would love to have a home to call my own with loving understanding owners could that be you?

Tomika Johnson
New Hope Coordinator
South Los Angeles Shelter
Hours: Friday - Tuesday Noon to 8pm

Hi, we are Big Red and Chester! We are a dynamic duo!
Update 4-15-2007

RESCUED!! These boys are going to get the happy ending they so deserve!
Huge thank you to Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets for saving their lives.
Sally--thanks so much for transporting these boys to their rescue!!
Chester and Big Red received a huge response and I am grateful to everyone who tried to help them.

I can't stand it, the idea that these two will soon be dead. Big Red is red listed and his friend Chester is green listed. How awful to think of Big Red being dragged away first, leaving Chester alone to wait for his death in this cold, loud, scary, loveless place. They did not come in together, they met in prison but these two ADORE each other. They are always, always together. They follow each other around, they snuggle, they lean into each other and are clearly so comforted by each other. There is a smaller terrier in with them and they are completely fine with him altho the terrier is not part of the love-fest.

These are two of the nicest pit bulls you could ever ask for. True ambassadors for their breed. They are so loving, friendly and gentle. Even after their long stay at the shelter, they still come up to the front and look at you with pleading eyes in hopes that you will take them home or, at the very least, give them a kind word and a pet. Chester used to be a really wiggly, happy boy but he now "gets it" that he is in big trouble. He is solemn and sad every time I see him, nothing like the big happy boy he used to be.

They truly just shatter my heart. What are the chances that these two will make it out alive? What are the chances that even one will make it out?? They don't deserve this, the are the BEST dogs-calm, well mannered and SO full of love.

THEY NEED A MIRACLE OR THEY WILL SOON BE KILLED. Please, if anyone can help, email yep6cats@aol.com.

My name is Fiesta and I have been in this shelter for the longest time.

People walk by my cage and always adopt my buddies and they forget about me.

If you can foster me I would be so happy. Ginger will take care of my spay and vet bills
and she even has donated puppy classes all lined up for me.

I just can't wait to hear from you ...maybe today?
It's really URGENT..my life depends on you!

Email her at: gingerluke@comcast.net


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