Saturday, April 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home, With Your Help It Is Not Just A Dream!

Sherlock wants to be Holmes, I mean, in a Home!

This baby has been given a second chance. Surviving parvo, he was passed from house to house then given to a pet store who gave him to a young girl for free. The girl's mom couldnt have a dog at their housing so came back to the vets office to ask for help. He needs a permanent home.

He is black and white spotted and small. He is american staffordshire. He needs love and attention now that he has been given a 2nd chance to live and live fully, happily and healthy. Cute as the dickens. Precious Sherlock is in Tacoma/Gig Harbor.
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Date: 2007-04-13, 1:27PM

Shadow is a 2 year old weimeryner pointer and pitbull. She does not act or look anything like a pitbull. She is very loving and hyper and needs lots of attention. She loves to cuddle and is verygood with small children. Weare moving and would love to see that Shadow goes to a good home with a family who will love her and give her lots of attention. Preferably a family with kids.

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