Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shop online and help rescue operations

Thanks to Karleen's tireless efforts to help as many dog rescues as possible we have a great way to have fun and help all at the same time.

' is a great way to donate to your favorite rescues by shopping~ Sign up I have earned 23.00 for Homeward Pet and didn’t even know it! There’s no catch either.' Karleen


Ricky is now here with us and living inside. He is just an awesome, gentle, kind dog.

He gets along with all the other dogs, big and small and he loves people. He sleeps in our bedroom at night on a soft dog bed and I know he is so happy and at peace and warm.

He is great with children and we take him with us and into stores to be socialized and he does draw people to pet him. He is slowly starting to fill out and will be quite a handsome Boxer when he has more body fat and has developed muscle mass. I did find out he is about 3-4 years old, which I like, because he has matured.

He will make the right person a solid, faithful companion and I so hope I can find a great home for him.

I have 27 dogs at this time at my home and it is overwhelming at times. We don't get many foster homes in this area and there are so many many dogs that are homeless. The majority of the time my fosters run in different packs and are not kenneled and it has worked out fairly well most of the time.

The Yakima Valley is one of the poorest counties in the state and we have a 50% minority population and with this, the culture of the people is of that so often dogs are lowest on their priorities if on the list at all :o(
Please keep letting the work out on my beloved, kind Ricky.
Thank you, Kathy

I have attached some recent pix taken today and there is junk in the background of a couple but we were cleaning out and re-tarping one of my kennels.

If you would like to adopt Ricky or any one of the 27 lucky dogs looking for a permanent life, please contact Kathy Duff If you would like to help with the costs, adoption or training please, she is doing amazing work!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Ok, am I the cutest young doggy you have ever seen in your life? I think I am! I didn’t know it until my foster mom saved me from sure death and showed me love and then I really came out of my shell. In fact, I am super smart and even learned the doggy door and got potty trained really quickly!

Let me tell you about me (it’s all about me now I finally realize).

I love kids. I love cats. I love humans. I love doggies. I am about five months old. I am a boy.

I am neutered. I am an American Bulldog mix. I am adorable and a great dog. I love love. Shy at first, but warm up and then love to cuddle. Yum!

Learned to sit in 24 hours. I am worth it! Woof!Foster mom says “the mellowest, best puppy I have ever seen in a house!” Really want to go to obedience school. I will earn an A. I promise.
I weigh 35 lbs. I will be bigger when I am a big boy – like 70 ,but a sexy 70. Email Please! Adopt fee.

Monday, February 04, 2008



I need a home.

I was saved from running down a busy street. Mike is great but his dogs don't think there is enough room for the three of us.

Would you like to have me?

I need to find Mack a Home. He is very sweet and wants to be with me all the time. He rests his head on my feet, sleeps by the side of the bed and lays against the tub while I shower.

Like most Rotts, he just wants to be held….

He is about 1 year old Lab/Rott mix ( I am guessing) and could use some more training. He knows sit, down, off and shake.

Since I found him I have had him neutered and de-barked (it was that or face the angry neighbors) and gotten all his vaccines.

Mack gets along with other dogs and cats and kids just fine……I have two big dogs now and there is only so much room.

Please let me know if you can help me find a home or a foster home for Mack ASAP.
PS - Did I mention the slight underbite.....
Michael Boldes
Keller Williams Realty
33530 1st Way South, Suite 100
Federal Way, WA 98003

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Pictured is Ricky, a beautiful Boxer neutered male. He has been living on the end of a 3' chain for 9 months now. He is losing weight due to the cold and because the person supposed to be feeding him just hasn't bothered doing it. I received a call asking if I could take the dog into rescue.

When taking the pictures of Ricky, I found him friendly, easy to approach, and work with, as much as I could. He has a tight heavy chain around his neck attached with a padlock that cannot be opened with the key.

Ricky has been around children and does fine with them but because of his confinement, when he is let loose he plays too rough with the small ones due to his excitement and freedom.

We are trying to find the original 'owner' of the dog to see his age and possibly some history on him. I am judging him, GUESSING actually by his teeth, to be around 2 years of age or so.

If someone would be interested in giving Ricky his forever or foster home, we can get him into my rescue and put him with my other foster dogs and see how he does. I CANNOT keep him for a long term as I have so many other dogs here at this time and cannot work with Ricky ,as he probably needs, on training.

Please contact Kathy Duff, Lifesavers Rescue in Yakima

When I received this email the first thought throug my head is, HE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS!!!! NO DOG DOES!!!!!! THIS IS DEPLORABLE!!!!!!!!