Thursday, May 31, 2007

Check out the efforts in the Big King County!

Dear Ms. Cornish,

Thank you for your continued concern about animal cruelty. I appreciate
your advocacy on behalf of the health, care, and treatment of animals.

Since early 2006, when two tragic and high-profile incidents of animal
cruelty occurred in King County, the Metropolitan King County Council
has been working to improve animal control, cruelty, and care in King
County. Last year, the Council formally called upon King County Animal
Control to place greater emphasis on investigating animal cruelty cases
and improve enforcement of the county's animal cruelty laws.

To continue this effort, I am pleased to announce that on May 29, 2007,
the Metropolitan King County Council unanimously passed three
comprehensive measures addressing animal control, cruelty, and care, as

* Changed the King County Code relating to abuse, euthanasia
rates and the King County Animal Control and Care Citizen's Advisory
Committee. Among the changes:

• Prohibit pet ownership by animal abusers for four years, or
indefinitely, depending on the crime.

• Reduce the current 38% rate of animal euthanasia at King County
Animal Control Shelters to 20% by the end of 2008 and to 15% by the end
of 2009.

• Grant more comprehensive and strategic roles to the King County
Animal Control and Care Citizen's Advisory Committee.

For more information on this legislation, Ordinance 15801, please see
the following link; click on documents in the "attachments" window:

* Requested that the King County Executive, King County Animal
Control, and the Animal Control and Care Citizen's Advisory Committee,
provide the following information for the Council's consideration and

• Analysis of how King County might implement a "no-kill" policy.

• Recommendations on the benefits of adding dedicated officers to
oversee animal cruelty investigations and work directly with prosecutors
to ensure that animal abusers are tried and sentenced.

• Recommendations for an animal bill of rights to set standards of
care in King County Animal Shelters.

• Recommendations for strengthening community relations through
partnerships with individuals, volunteers, rescue groups, and non-profit

• Recommendations for increasing marketing of adoptable animals
and spay/neuter programs using community partners and local media.

• Development of performance measures that address standards of
animal care, adoption and euthanasia rates.

• For more information on this legislation, Motion 12521, please see the
following link; click on documents in the "attachments" window:

*Accepted a report submitted by the King County Executive
regarding the enforcement of animal cruelty laws and requesting new
strategies for preventing and prosecuting animal abusers. The Council
will consider options presented and take action.

For more information on this legislation, Motion 12520, please see the
following link; click on documents in the "attachments" window:

I was happy to sponsor and vote in favor of this legislation, continuing
our effort since early last year. It is critical that we take an
in-depth look at how we can improve conditions for abused and abandoned
animals in our community. As you well know, animals are wholly
dependent on humans to advocate for their welfare and humane treatment.
Our continuing Council involvement sends a strong message that abuses to
our four-legged friends will not be tolerated.

Thanks again for your advocacy and involvement in this important issue.


Larry Phillips, Councilmember
Metropolitan King County Council, District Four
King County Courthouse
516 Third Avenue, Room 1200
Seattle, WA 98104-3272

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Baby Seals, A Cause Worth Action!


U.S. Congressional Resolution Urges Immediate End to Canada's Commercial
Seal Hunt

The Humane Society of the United States Urges House to Pass Lantos-Shays

(May 31, 2007) - A resolution urging the Canadian government to end the
commercial seal hunt has been introduced in the U.S. House of
Representatives by Reps. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) and Christopher Shays
(R-Conn.). The Humane Society of the United States urges quick adoption of
the resolution.

"Canada's commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals in
the world," said Michael Markarian, executive vice president of The HSUS.
"Hundreds of thousands of baby seals are killed for their fur every year. We
are grateful to Congressman Lantos and Congressman Shays for introducing
this resolution, and for calling on the Canadian government to stop this
cruel massacre."

The resolution, H. Res. 427, notes that more than one million seals have
been killed over the past three years and that in the last five years, 95
percent of the seals killed were between 12 days and 12 weeks of age, many
of them too young to have eaten their first solid meal or taken their first

"This deeply inhumane practice is far beneath the dignity of the people of
Canada," said Rep. Lantos, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign
Affairs Committee, where the resolution has been referred. "There is no real
good reason to let this needless slaughter continue, and every reason to put
it to a stop. We call on the Canadian government to suspend the hunt in the
waters off the east coast of Canada now and forever."

"I am committed to animal welfare because I believe humankind has an
obligation to all animals," said Rep. Shays. "I oppose the cruel practice of
killing hundreds of thousands of young seals, as well as the environmental
impact of this practice. Some species have become our companions and some
play important roles in sensitive ecosystems. It is our duty to protect and
care for all of these animals."

In March, U.S. Senators Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine)
also introduced a resolution, S. Res. 118, calling for the end of the hunt.
That resolution was referred to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.


* Canada's commercial seal hunt is the world's largest slaughter of
marine mammals, with more than one million seals killed in the past three

* Well over 95 percent of the seals killed each year are under 3
months old.

* Hunters kill the seals for their skins, which are sold to the
fashion industry in Europe and Asia. The bloody carcasses are left behind on
the ice.

* An independent panel of veterinary experts performed post mortems
on seal carcasses at the hunt in 2001. In 42% of cases they studied, they
concluded the seal did not show enough evidence of cranial injury to even
guarantee unconsciousness - much less death - at the time of skinning.

* The Canadian government estimates tens of thousands of seals are
wounded in the course of the hunt each year, but escape beneath the water's
surface. They die slowly and their bodies are not recovered.

* The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 bars the importation of
seal products into the United States.


MEDIA CONTACT: Belinda Mager,, 202-452-1100

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My name is Biscuit and I am a 7 yr old Yellow Labrador & Terrier Mix.

I am loyal, loving and want to please you.
I am also a very smart dog.
I love outdoors and will run, jog, go on hikes and walk the parks with you.
I absolutely love doggy parks and need my daily exercise
so I do need a fenced in yard.
I get along great with other dogs, cats that are mellow and kids of all ages.
I am spayed, up to date with all my shots and I weigh 50 lbs.
My rescue story ...I was a tied up dog for a long time & I did not get much love or attention.
More than anything I want a loving family that will take good care of me
and I will promise you unconditional love.
Please tell Ginger you would like to meet & adopt me!

Love, Biscuit.
Adoption Fee: $ 200.00

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fiona is looking for a home and a home is looking for Fiona!

My name is Fiona and I am a Black Labrador & Cattle Dog Mix.

I am only 8 months and I get along great with other dogs, cats, kids and people of all ages.
I am a very happy , confident and friendly dog. I love to play and I love people.
I am smart, I learn very quickly and I listen well.
I am full of energy, healthy and I love doggy parks.
I weigh 40 lbs and will grow to 50 lbs.
A fenced in yard and another dog in the household are my only wishes.
I would love to go to obedience school and learn as much as I can.
I am almost housetrained but need more help and can be crate trained as well.
I am spayed and have all my shots up to date.
Please email Ginger and tell her you want to meet me!
Adoption Fee: $ 250.00

Agility Dogs Wanted for filming of fun corp video

Reply to:
Date: 2007-05-24, 2:30PM

Downtown Seattle Consulting Firm wants agility dogs to appear in a fun corporate video, Saturday June 9th. Please respond to this posting if you or someone you know has dogs that would like to appear in film. Filming should be very short, and video will only be used for internal company function.
Thanks so much!

Have fun folks!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Should Your Pet Be Tax Deductible

Should Pets Be Tax Deductible?

Dogs should be tax deductible like other dependants. This week's legislative idea comes from Bayport, NY. Here is an excerpt from her letter to Congress:

"Once again, it's tax time and as always, we owe money to the state and federal governments because I am married with no children. My husband & I have no children because we cannot afford to have children living on Long Island. But we do have 2 dogs - 2 very expensive dogs - and they are our kids. If I should mistreat, neglect, abuse or deprive my dog of health care in any way, I can be arrested for animal cruelty. But yet, here we are, spending thousands and thousands of dollars each year giving my dogs the best care in emergency and non-emergency situations, what do we receive? My proposal is to be able to declare my dogs as dependents on my taxes at the end of the year.

"With the request of proper documentation from pet owners, I firmly believe we should propose a new law to be able to claim our dogs as dependents, whether it be for routine exams, medicines and/or emergency care. Anything would be of great assistance to pet owners."

See the full text of the letter here

Tell Congress If They Should Introduce Dog Deductions

Yes, Pets Should Be Tax Deductible Like Any Dependent

No, Pets Should Not Be Tax Deductible Like Any Dependent

P.S. I also think they should count in the carpool lane!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Please Check Out Mr. Peanut and follow up on Pico

"Mr. Peanuts the Great Dane & Mastiff Mix"

My name is Mr. Peanuts and I am a Great Dane & Mastiff Mix. I have all my shots and will be neutered before I get adopted out. I get along great with other dogs, cats, kids and people of all ages. I am only 25 lbs but I will grow to a big fun loving dog. I am a very sweet, loving and playful little pup and I am gentle and ready to have someone show me how to be a good citizen.

I do however ~ have special needs. I have mega esophagus.
This is a condition where my esophagus has a pouch so until I grow up more~ I have to eat my food in a slurry and eat standing with my head elevated. I need my food put up on a stool. If I don't I can throw up because the dog food does not go directly into my stomach ~ It stays in the esophagus and slowly enters my stomach.

I have been x-rayed by a vet and since the shelter has been feeding me this way I have not thrown up. My former owners turned me in because they didn‚t want to spend the money to confirm my congenital defect or do anything special for my needed treatment.

The good news is that the vet said I could out grow this condition !!

My ideal family would be one that wants a big handsome dog and doesn't mind giving me a little special care.Basically all I need is my food softened and mixed with water and feed on a stool.
Please email Ginger and tell her you want to meet me!
Love, Mr. Peanuts
Adoption Fee: $ 200.00

Pablo is now Pico and happy as a clam!
This is one of my happiest emails ever. With the help of other amazing
rescue partners, we were able to pull Pico (then named Pablo) from the
Humane Society Longview shelter. His young days were numbered due to

I fell in love with untrained Pico and we quickly found a foster home -
all the way in Idaho. Sadly, for all of us, he was too big for the
foster family and our dear volunteer who drove (she hailed all the way
from Oregon!) took him back over icy passes and then some, down to her
home. She loved and cared for him but with a house full, could not keep

We diligently found him a new home in Tacoma, where a family with two
girls, anxiously awaited their new baby. Already having been through a
lot, Pico did not fare well, was scared and nipped at the daughter. We,
within 24 hours, found him yet another home, living with a wonderful
woman and her cocker spaniel. By this time, poor Pico was very stressed
and did not get along well with the cocker, as he attempted to figure
who his pack and even who was in it.

We then moved him to a wonderful trainer, who took him in and worked
with him for several months. We cannot thank her enough as we thought we
would lose our boy who had become so anxious. Laura got him ready for a
permanent home.

Today, Alex is Pico's new dad. He loves Pico and takes him to work
nearly every day. The picture is of Alex, in the cap, and his buddies.
Alex has always grown up with a dog.

We are thrilled Pico not only got saved but now is TRULY loved. Thank you for all you do Perrin! !

Saturday, May 19, 2007


The crisis at the TriCities Shelter in Pasco. People in the Seattle area and beyond are reaching out but more help is desperately needed!

A lot of the people responding have offered to help in the way of transporting which I so appreciate. About 5 people have offered to take in large dogs and possibly 5 offered to take in small dogs.

I don't know what I will find tomorrow but I will pull about 10 dogs that I hope people will be able to take.

Mostly large breeds. Since I asked for help before I saw the situation, I know people are taking a chance on committing to a dog. I will do my best!

Pictures will be sent out tomorrow late afternoon when I get home from Pasco and all of you will see what I saw. I will send pix of the dogs that I brought back home with me also.

I am going in faith that the dogs I will bring back will be wanted by some if not all of you.

These dogs will be coming back to Seattle area on Sunday afternoon by transport. I will need to have a general meeting area for this person, Chuck, to meet the people taking in the dogs. Please be thinking about this and a decision will be made where that should be in the Seattle area.

I wish I could have gone to Pasco before reaching out but it didn't happen on such short notice so the cart came before the horse. Hopefully this will all work out. It is busy weekend with lots of activities going on.

I will also plan on going back to Pasco on this Monday to hopefully pull more dogs. It is 1 1/2 hours from me, so not real convenient to go there more than every few days.

Thank you to all who responded, I know most rescues are VERY full and adoptions have been slow.
Talk soon and pictures soon... Contact Kathy Duff Lifesavers Rescue Yakima, WA

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Uneek at the All Things Organic Show in Chicago

What a great time. No Al Gore but still a great time. We met so many folks like us and products that I can actually eat! I could not have been more excited! I finally found Macaroni and Chreese. Can you believe it, fake macaroni and cheese! It is really good too. No dairy. These folks are great. Just 4 Nuts makes nuts I can eat. There was also a booth that made gelato too. All using nuts that are soaked for less phytrates. No sugar. Agave sweetened. That's right 'Tekillya' and dessert all from the same plant.

It was tough going the first day. Alaska Airlines held onto my booth display for 3 days. I was not able to put it up the first day. The most important day. It was held for inspection. Same thing happened on the way back and Chicago yet it still made it on my flight. Of course Murphy's Law dictates, if you need it, anything can go wrong. If you don't need it, what can go wrong.

The challenge was really great for me. I decided that if my product cannot stand on it's own, and I I I need a display to sell it, I should not be there. Not one person looked up that day. They were focused on the best grain treats on the market today! Our bakers really know what they are doing. We also could not have done it without sharing space. Check us out on their site.

A special shout out to Today's Diet and Nutrition. They donated a full page ad to help us get noticed and to support our rescue efforts. They believe in our product and fought hard to leave us space in their issue for the All Things Organic Show. That meant so much to us. Please look for them on our charity page and see how their efforts are helping animals in need!

There was organic beer and wine, milk eggs, cheese, bread, chocolate, nuts, meat, molasses, mushrooms, skin care products, packaging, clothes, baby food, and of course dog and cat toys.There was so much to enjoy. I did not even mention half the booths and offerings. Plus there were 4 other shows in the convention center. Like Fancy Foods and Exports. They were the big companies that could have benefited from looking at alternative biodegradable packaging and organic ingredients.

Of course we got a chance to get out and see Chicago too. The Organic Trade Association put on a great mixer at the planetarium. This is the view from the from when you go in. The Chicago skyline. I have to hand it to the OTA., they did an incredible job and we had a fantastic time.

The show was three days. The last day, on the way back to the hotel, we saw Oprah in the park.How cool is that. We snapped a shot from the bus, just so folks would believe us. Of course we were so far away, you cannot tell it is her but it was. See that tiny figure in the left side of the pic. If you look super close, you can almost tell.

The best part of the whole show was being with all of the other manufacturers and producers.They were amazing. It was like we were all a family. We have the same goal . Even if the products were the same, there was great respect among the entire show.

We also got a chance to enjoy going into downtown. What a different city than what I am used to. The architecture was an eclectic mix. Castles in the middle of downtown. How much fun do they have!

When my Dad and I were not doing the show or seeing the sights, we got a chance to visit my family. I have so many cousins and relatives in Chicago area. It too was the best time! I love them so much and they are the best people on the planet. I have not seen them for about 17 years and we picked up where we left off. I did not include a picture out of respect for their privacy. I don't want them to to have to deal with the relentless paparazzi from the instant fame of being on our blog. Thank you guys for the best time and all my favorite dishes from my youth! You are all amazing!

I was so happy with the entire trip. It could not have been better. I got a chance to show everyone the best grain treats being produced. Big kudos to my Dad for his stellar selling skills. He also got a chance to meet up with folks from Seattle that he knew. What a small world!!

I hope you enjoyed the show too. I wish I could have taken pictures of every booth. They all deserve to be highlighted.

If you have severe or even moderate food issues or just really want to eat better and cannot find certain items, please email me. I can help you to get great products ! The more we support Organic, the more we have to leave to our children. A famous quote that I love says, 'We don't inherit the earth from our grandparents, we borrow it from our children.' That sums it up!

You may feel as if you are paying more for Organic . The upfront cost is so much more affordable than the back end cost of not taking care of Mother Earth. We differ around the world as to how , why and what to expect beyond all of this. One thing will never change. What connects us all is that we are of this Earth. Without all of its splendor, known and unknown, we would all perish. She is all we have to sustain us. Let us all take much better care of her.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Check Me Out, I Am Very Cool!!


My name is Blue and I am a beautiful 3 yr old male Catahoula Dog!
I am neutered, up to date with all my shots and I get along with dogs, kids and people of all ages.
I have not been around cats yet.
I am housebroken, very loving, very loyal and very high energy.
I am very healthy, good natured and would love to just hang around with you.
Take me hiking, fishing, swimming, jogging and all that outdoor stuff and I will be your partner for life. I require a fenced in yard and would love to go to doggy parks with you.I am 75 lbs and you can see I am special because I have one blue eye and one brown eye! Please email Ginger if you want to meet me as I am so excited to move into my forever home!
Adoption Fee: $ 200.00

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Great News!

Yeah Purcy!

This is great news as this living doll waited a good, long time until
his permanent family was found. Purcy, our little black lab, now can
frolick with his new loves and his canine buddy. All good things are
worth waiting for! Purcy, here is a big hug from us all!

Pit Bull family saved from Georgia

We are slowly but surely nursing the puppies back to health especially with
the commitment and care of Caroline Hicks who has been labeled the Nanny of
the Pit Bull family from Georgia rescued late March.

The puppies are approximately 8 weeks old now and I am working on sending out information
about each of them to give people an idea about each puppy.

But as we all know, there's no guarantee about personalities as they will grow into their own and will be affected by the environment they are in.

Our preference will be to have everyone be fostered at first to ensure a proper fit. We never want any of these babies to come to us via an abused or neglected case and as we all know, they wouldn't be kept alive in a shelter.

With the bad name given to this amazing breed perhaps our 10 little ones will help to spark changes in at least a few people's eyes about Pit Bulls.

If you or anyone you know have any interest in fostering or adopting, please contact Ellen at Again, I will be sending out more detail information - there's just so many of them:-)

By the way, Georgia (the mommy) is not available. Caroline has become very attached to this extremely sweet, gentle and loving mother and has already adopted her. What a lucky dog:-)!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chevy's Dog House Diner Grand Opening!

Congratulations Chevy's Dog House Diner!

What a great time. There was great treats for everyone. Hot Dogs for man and food and treats for dog.

Kathleen had done the most amazing job bringing her dog Chevy's backyard to you and I.

Located in Puyallup on Main St. this quaint shot offers hot dogs, coffee and the most amazing treats for dogs.

Along with our Uneek Treats, Chevy offers BBQ biscuits, Pizza slices, doggy Biscotti, Chicken meat balls and so much more!

Kathleen will also make your special pup a b-day cake. There is an endless variety of non-wheat based treats made fresh daily.

This is Milo, that was Milos cake

I hear Milo is a year and loved sharing his cake and eating it too!
Like with Angie the greyhound.

Here is Honey and Mom, they are having the best time!

Here is Winston, Chevy's first official customer of the grand opening. I think the first customer was Jasper. The cute tiny poodle who belongs to Lucille of Salon Boulay located just around the corner.
What a smart lover of a boy. He talks too!

Uneek at All The Best

I am delighted to announce we are now available at All The Best Pet Care!

It was great fun to meet everyone at the Lake City store. It is a very popular location and each customer received excellent personal attention.

Along with our treats, you can find many great items for your special friend

Keep checking back, I will be posting our summer schedule of events. Look for us to be at All The Best in Madison and Queen Anne toward the end of May.