Friday, June 29, 2007

WOW! Who wouldn't want this fellow!!!


My name is Rebel and I am a 5 month old Doberman & Rottweiler Mix
I am a sweet & very smart puppy and am already crate trained and 90% housebroken.
I love all dogs of all sizes, love cats and I was left abandoned to fend on my own.
I can use some training to become a better dog and would love to have a forever home with someone who can keep me and love me. I will have all my shots and will be neutered as well
Adoption Fee: $ 225.00


Annie's Garden Party! Everyone is invited.

It's a celebration of Puppies, Plants and Pottery and it's being held at Bamford and Bamford's new location at 3001 South Huson Street, right below the Home Depot in Fircrest (right off Orchard Street). In truth, it's a major fund raising event for several very good pet rescues, including Peninsula Spay and Neuter Project and it's sister group, Coalition Humane, Northwest Greyhound Advocate Program and Ginger Luke's Pet Rescue, which takes death row dogs and helps to foster and rehome them. As you'll see on the flyer, we're offering dog washes, nail clipping (and we're hoping for micro chipping) services for donations as well as raffle items. I'll be there giving a class and a seminar on dog training, Kate Johannson, another trainer will be there from Sit Means Sit, there's going to be music and refreshments. And, if that isn't enough, Bamford & Bamford sells incredible items for the garden. They have exquisite imported pots, lovely plants and fountains. We will also have vendors from the area setting up booths and selling their pet related goods. It should be a great event - don't miss it.

Uneek Treats will be there! Come by our booth and get a box of the best treats on the market today!

For those of you who are interested in helping, we're looking for people who can help with taking donations, directing traffic and keeping traffic flowing (we're expecting an enormous crowd) and making sure the dogs have fresh water. We're looking for some teenages who can help with the dog washing. We will offer the dog washes from noon to 2:00 and then again from 4 - 6:00 and the folks doing it will have 30 minute shifts, so hopefully, we will have enough people to make that work. If any of you know teenagers or young people who might be up for this, please let me know.
Deborah Rosen
Good Citizen Canine
(253) 752-6878

Deena Uneek Treats -

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good News and Hope

This is Chessie - Hopeful

We just made up his name. He is 7 months old, as sweet and energetic and healthy as they come. The shelter is full and he will die Fri. if we can't move him.

He appears to be a chesapeake bay retreiver mix and is a big YUM.

Please email me or Yvonne at Thank you on Chessie's behalf.

Wow, what a great way to start the week. Remember Me?

Many of you have diligently checked on the progress of this doll.

Biscuit, kept on a rope in the garage for all her life was heartbroken for human attention. She now lives with her new family

who are teaching her how to go up down stairs! The lovely terrier, lab girl is free, free, free, to finally, finally, be.

Go Biscuit!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chain Off 2007 • Unchain the 50!

Freedom for Chained Dogs All Across America
(and Canada too)

This Year's 4th of July Event marks our 5th Annual Chain Off, and we're going More Grassroots than EVER, with a Goal of at least ONE PERSON per state living chained to a Doghouse for 8-24 hours in our Fabulous "Unchain the 50" Campaign!

We're excited to announce TWO Main Unchain the 50 Events, East Coast and West Coast. The East Coast Event will take place at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia, details are below, and the West Coast Event will take place at Marymoor Park near Seattle, Washington. A very special thanks to Susan Hartland and Pam Cheatham for their hard work in setting up the locations.

Tammy Grimes will live chained in Atlanta for 24 hours June 30-July 1; anyone else who would like to represent their state by coming and living chained with Tammy is cordially invited. Or, chain yourself in your own community or front yard, the choice is yours. We are lining up speakers, booths, and other events ongoing for the two days. All rescue groups are welcome to set up tables and bring rescued dogs for adoption. Please e-mail with details.

That's How We Save Them, One At A TIme

Let's try for Ruka and the lab puppies 7! n Ruka got saved! You all pulled together and look

Dear Animal Lovers, It has been a long time since I have announced a one day 24 hr deadline ! Can you please help SAVE this dog !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- "RUKA the DOBERMAN MIX"

My name is Ruka and I am a one year old Doberman Mix.
I am spayed, up to date with all my shots, housebroken and a very joyful, loving & smart Dog!
I get along great with people of all ages and other dogs but I just can not get along with any cats.
I know several commands in English and German!!!
I just love to play with everyone !
I am going to be put down tomorrow unless someone can foster or adopt me.

Thanks and much love to all of you, Ruka

"7 Adorable Labrador Retriever Puppies Looking for forever homes!"

Hi Animal Lovers, Aren't we cute? We are 7 loving Labrador Retriever and Golden Labs looking for a warm & loving forever home. We are only 12 weeks old. Adoption fee is $ 125.00 each and this includes all shots. We will all be spayed/neutered and ready to go! Email:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This Event Sound Fun! Check them out!

Washington Owners of Flying Disc Dogs (WOOFD2) is proud to host this year’s Hyperflite Skyhoundz Northwest Regional Championship at the Nile Golf and Country Club in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Participation is open to all residents of the Northwest region and top finishing teams will qualify for invitations to the 2007 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championships in Atlanta. WOOFD2 competitions are open to all dogs, including mixed breeds.

WOOFD2 is a non-profit organization dedicated to having fun with our dogs through the sport of canine disc by organizing performances and competitions through private and community events. We promote responsible dog/owner relationships and encourage safety, good sportsmanship and positive training methods.

In addition to competitions WOOFD2 performs exhibitions throughout the Northwest and has performed for a variety of groups including college and professional sports teams, county fairs, 4-H groups and animal shelter fundraisers such as, the Marysville Poochapalooza, Seattle’s Furry 5k, Pierce County Dog-A-Thon, and Kirkland’s Party in the Park. The disc dogs are always a crowd favorite!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Annie Needs a Loving Forever Home!

The sad stories just break your heart. This is Annie, just 8 months old.

She was dumped out of a car, picked up by a good samaritan, who can't keep her. We have only until this weekend to find her a place or he will take her to the Everett Shelter, where she will be euthanized. She is so beauitful and deserves a chance.

This girl currently lives with 2 other dogs and is very sweet. Can anyone help?

Linda B. McCoy

Jana Doniger


Monday, June 18, 2007

What A Great Day at Crown Hill Pet Supply

Uneek Treats had a great day at Crown Hill Pet Supply. I got to meet some great folks and tell them all about our treats. Right when I got there, Simon the cat came to greet me. He promptly made himself at home on our table. He is apparently a bit of an attention hog.

I kept telling folks we make treats for dogs. They were having a hard time believing me with Simon laying on our samples.

I had fun meeting Luke a Pugle, Pug and Beagle mix. Talk about energy. She was all over the place. Luka was running so much she even messed up her hair.

Roberto was soon to follow and what a handsome fellow. He was a rescue from and got his forever home. How great is that!

I met Myla, who is a great photographer. She did not have her girls with her but sent me a photo. Please check out her stuff. You will be most impressed!

Thank you Crown Hill. We look forward to another time!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alex is on his last days...

Hello, are you my new Mommy or Daddy?

My mom moves to San Diego and the armed services don't apy enough for my family to keep me. They leave on June 15th.

I am Alex a 4 year-old mixed breed dog loving and playful looking for a fun and loving home.
Current on all shots, has wire kennel, food bowls and toys.

Alex is willing to be trained spent most of his life indoors and I am looking for a home that is patient about teaching him how to walk with a loose leash, take him on long walks and play-tug-o-rope, and catch. He is very smart and can figure out how to get out of most anything.

We are moving out of state and we are unable to take him with us, he has been in our family since 1 year old and he loves car rides!

I am excited and nervous about finding him a good home.
Hello these are the two descriptions of Alex--

We are looking for a permanent home with a fenced yard, a sister or brother, he can run around and play hard with and then have a warm and loving place to sleep.

Alex is great with my son and neighborhood kids he enjoys running around with the neighborhood dogs (sometimes he gets out and does not want to come back until he is ready). He is curious about other animals, and has never acted aggressively towards anyone.

He loves to run, and would love to learn how to run and walk on a leash. We want a family that has experience with dogs and is willing to make Alex a permanent part of their family.

Please contact us if you are interested.
Thank you.

Trina Jones Artis

Honey of a girl!

Honey is an incredibly sweet, playful, and charismatic 2 year old female Pit Bull.

She is currently being fostered with a Chihuahua brother with whom she is dying to become playmates with…however she needs someone more her own size to romp around with! She likes to play outside very hard, and is very sneaky when it comes to stealing and hiding shoes lying around the house.

Honey had patella surgery a few weeks ago and will need extra care until she is fully healed. She is looking forward to playing in a large yard and hopefully having an equally lovable playmate. She has shown no sign of aggression whatsoever with her current older male “step” brother. Honey is full of love and has a frolicsome personality unique only to her. Honey will require special attention for her knees for the rest of her life. This certainly doesn’t slow her down, she loves to be outdoors, and even running will most likely be possible in the future. Someone understanding of her health history is a must. She would do well in a home with at least one other dog or a multiple dog household. She’s had very limited, closely guarded interaction with cats, but seems somewhat uninterested and does not have a high prey drive. However, strict supervision would be necessary as with any dog and cat who’ve just met.

If you are interested in fostering or possibly adopting Honey please contact Carina at

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Found Puppies Need Homes

Each puppy resembles this one, one is black and white, and two are orange
and white, the pointer seems to be the dominant trait in them. They do the
"pointer stance".

They are currently in Sultan WA, they are about 4 months old, were found playing in a vacant field along US Highway 2 in Startup WA which is outside of Monroe and Sultan. 4 girls. The rescuer is certain they have Pointer breed in them but not sure what else, their fur curls a little but they have
the pointer coloring. Amazing they weren't killed by cars, without a doubt dumped. No people around.

4 abandoned puppies were rescued by a kind woman in Startup WA, near Monroe/Sultan. These puppies amazingly stayed alive in spite of being dumped in an open field next to busy Highway 2. It is four females, roughly 4 to 5 months old, with Pinter in them and something unidentifiable at this time, their fur curls a little and they are adorable."

For more information please contact Judith at Thank

Furever After Rescue Society Saving LuLu

LULU is at a sanctuary in Virgina that is being forced to shut down and any dogs not in a rescue or home will be euthanised at the end of the June.

We have committed to taking a few we are confident we can find excellent homes for. These dogs would love a flight sponsor so we can bring down their adoption fees, and most importantly a furever home that will be willing to give them the TLC they deserve and love them til their last day. LuLu is a very smart girl and tries to please. She loves romping in the yard with other puppies. Her favorite playmates here are Tomi (brother), Trixie, Trouble, and Blackie. She is now about the size
of her mother and weighs about 30 pounds. Her coat is a combination of wiry with soft and requires very little grooming except brushing as her coat does not mat easily. Anything she can hop up on she will...such as my television set once! ....deck railing....patio table, etc. She also
can climb over 4 or 5 foot fences of chain link or wire, much like a Raccoon would. SO....a SECURE fenced yard would be needed for her, preferably a wooden privacy fence. Lulu is a charmer and very entertaining with her antics. Not to be trusted with cats. Our adoption process includes an application, home visit and interview- we look for the best match for our dogs and may receive multiple applications for the same pet . We place the dogs in the best home for
them. If a home visit is not feasible we will be unable to adopt to you.We do not have a facility but rely on foster homes, the more foster homes we have the more dogs we can save. Adoptions include up to date shots, spay/neuter, heartworm testing/treatment/prevention, worming/deflea, registration with Petwatch, microchip/tattoo, health certificate and testing, transport to Calgary ,1 month health insurance, great deals with trainers and a doggybag to get you off to the right start with your new family member and lifetime support.

Another option for adoption is to be preapproved- once you have completed our process we can save a dog from a high kill shelter (Typically in Louisiana and the Gulf States) that would be a great
family fit for you, there are hundreds of amazing dogs in shelters dying every day- help us save just one (or two!) more and place it in a loving, responsible home. We call this our foster to adopt option- ask us for details. We ask for a donation to adopt , this goes towards the expenses involved
with saving dogs from at risk situations, we are 100% nonprofit volunteer rescue that relies on donations to continue our work, we receive no government grants.

Visit our website at

To foster email

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Help for Horses, Please Take Action

I have news to report to you on the issue of horse slaughter in the United

First, despite many threats that horse slaughter would be legalized by a
stealth floor amendment in the final, intense days of the 2007 Texas state
legislative session, we're thrilled to report that the effort did not
succeed. The flood of phone calls from you Texans really had an impact-we
heard about them from every office. We were lobbying right up until the last
moment and running ads inTexas newspapers, and the calls and letters made an enormous difference.

Second, Illinois passed a ban on horse slaughter for human consumption with
the full support of the Governor and the Illinois Department of Agriculture!
However, only a week after the victorious passage of this state bill, the
owners of the horse slaughter plant in Illinois filed suit to overturn the
law. An Illinois federal judge issued a temporary restraining order
overriding the new state law, and that order will remain in force until a
June 14 hearing. This means that horse slaughter can temporarily resume at
the Illinois plant-which can butcher more than 500 horses a week. Our
attorneys are fighting back in every way they can, but we need your help.

These state bans, and this temporary setback, once again highlight the
urgent need for passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R.
503/S. 311)-a federal bill to prohibit horse slaughter for human consumption
and the transport of horses across the border for slaughter. We cannot sit
back now while our horses are still being sent to Mexico and Canada for
brutal slaughter in large numbers.

Please make brief, polite phone calls today to your U.S. Representative,
Rick Larsen, at (202) 225-2605 and your U.S. Senator, Patty Murray, at (202)
224-2621 and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 503/S. 311 to stop the slaughter
of American horses in this country or over the border.

Making a call is easy. A staff member will take your message and pass it to
your legislator. You can say:

"Hello, my name is [your name]. I am a constituent, calling from [your town,
your state] to urge [Representative Larsen/Senator Murray] to please
co-sponsor H.R. 503/S. 311 today to help stop the slaughter of American
horses-in the U.S. or over the border. Horses are not bred or raised for
this purpose; yet perfectly healthy horses are bought by the horse slaughter
industry to be converted into a foreign delicacy. Our horses deserve

Let's finish off these foreign-owned horse butchering plants and send them
packing for good. Join me in pushing for more co-sponsors and swift passage
of H.R. 503/S. 311 in Congress!

Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

We Need You! A Lost Home and a missing Dog!


Raven a Chocolate Labrador was hit by a car on Memorial Day and she ran off in the Renton -Talbot Hill Area.

Owner Heidi would like to know if there is any Boeing Employee who can enter the Triton Towers to help locate this dog?

There is No Collar, No ID & No Microchip.

The owner Heidi is devastated with huge regrets for not havingany kind of proper ID on her missing dog ! There is a nice reward if you return this dog back to her.

Heidi at 206-235-2173 or call John at 206-795-1187

I WAS ADOPTED! YEAH!!! There's very little question on as to why this dear dog was left at the Tacoma Shelter.

We will do what we can with financial support if someone can care for his needs and save him from the needle because of the back legs problem.

I don't know if it is repairable and if someone takes him it should be unconditional. He is not under my rescue so I have no further information about him. If we could work together to help him that would be the best. Thank you.

Pasado's cannot take him & I've emailed Judith @ Old Dog Haven. She can't take him either. Pasado's is full & we cannot bring a dog like this to the farm anyway.

Can you check this out & see if he's a dog you could place? Our farm
manager, Jenny Mathison, brought a cart to Tacoma & that perked the dog up,
he was moving well in it. If you could let me know if you can help, I'd appreciate it.
Please contact Tina Nabseth or Carina at