Sunday, July 30, 2006

Des Moines Saturday Market

This was the first time we had an opportunity to do the Des Moines Market. It was the largest sell day we had and so much fun! The weather was beautiful and we are right in the marina. Everyone is so supportive and they really enjoy their market. It was nice to be a part of it.

There was a local Hawaiian Band who played hip swaying music, great food like cabbage rolls and piroshki's, hand made crafts and of course fruits and veggies.

The best thing is the Uneek booth always gets an opportunity to meet the coolest dogs. Saturday was no exception.

Barney was adorable. Soft and sweet. When I got to pet him, he just nuzzled right into me and did not move. It was so special. To feel the love of Barney and to give that love means so much to me. Thanks Barney!

After Barney went on to see what else was going on, Rosie and Magic came by. How cute they are! Mom and Grandma were so proud of their kids. They loved Nut Rolls, so a box went home with them. They were begging for them!

They also met their kindred kind and friend Ms. Katrina.

After the little ones left, Zoe came by. I did not have to bend down to pet this cool girl. What a wonderful dog! Beautiful, sweet and very well trained. After she found Beagle Bites, she was all ready to do tricks for a treat!

Bailey and Mom and Dad Alice and JD stopped by for treats. Bailey was also a big fan of our Beagle Bites. What a handsome fellow. He was very well trained and did tricks for his Bites. I have never seen a dog like Bailey and is was very nice to meet him.

Serch and Zappa and Dad Pete came by to see their Mom at work. Dad got a Polish Sausage and some Piroshki's, a taste of home! Serch and Zappa made their first public appearance. It was so fun and everyone could not believe they look just like the box!

The whole day was a real treat! As always, I could not have had a successful day without you. Thank you everyone for your support! It is my inspiration to do what is so important. Good nutrition for dogs and a good quality of life for all animals and the earth. Uneek is devoted to saving what really counts!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tacoma Thursday

Well we had another fantastic day at the market. Tacoma has the best energy. It is so nice to see a venue for all of those office workers to get out and enjoy their lunch hour and everyone else who gets flowers, fruits, veggie, lunch and of course Uneek Treats.

Our friend and trainer Deborah of Good Citizen Canine and her dog Dolce came by and said hello. Dolce is so well mannered and just waiting to show off! What dog wouldn't be with a mom who is a dog trainer! Serch and Zappa are 6 and 7 and she taught them a new trick inside of 10 minutes. Now that is a testimonal! Teaching old dogs new tricks.

Buddy stopped by. Can you believe he is 3? I couldn't. I had to take a picture of this cutie! He loved Uneek Treats and his Dad loved him. He got a box of his very own to take home.

A long time friend, Nancy was in the area giving a speach and came through the market after she was done. It was so nice to see her! We go all the way back to Highline Community College. I give a huge shout out to Highline! It was the beginning of my marketing career, my love life and good friends. I owe my foundation to Highline. When I first started, I did not know a file from a folder. Now look where I am. I have done everything to this date with a Fashion/Marketing Degree and Production Illustration Degree.

We also got to meet another friend. Rodney is a new friend. A jeweler and potter I met at the Madison Capitol Hill Market. Rodney just rescued Fred. Fred was with his foster parents and met Rodney while he was working the Puyallup Market on Saturday. He is always there and you should definitely go check him out. Purple and gold sunglasses. Cannot miss him! He asked after Fred and found he was available for adoption. The rest is history and needless to say, Fred loves Uneek Treats.

I could not believe how lucky I was Thursday. Carolyn and Lucky of Standing Stones Photograhy. Lucky is also a graduate of Good Citizen Canine and she is a darling! A lover of all dogs and people. I enjoy seeing her so much because she is my favorite breed. The pit-bull. Besides their awesome looks, they are very misunderstood and more than most breeds, products of bad owners. As we all know, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Here Lucky is saying hello to Fred.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ballard Market 7/23/06

Uneek Treats had another really fun day in Ballard. I always enjoy that market. I love our vendor neighbors like Amy's Solstice Designs with her funky silver rings and large piece coral necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the most beautiful oranges and reds. I got my hand crafted silver and amber earings from Amy to match my handmade crocheted sweater of the same colors by Tresa of Fashions N Moore. As well as Solstice Design earrings. I sport a, one of a kind made for me onyx neclace and earrings by Corrine of Gypsy Beaded Creations. This time our booth was right next to Erin Hansen of Solfok Design with her clean lines and very unique style of rings, necklaces and bracelets made of sterling silver and sometimes copper. We are always looking for a spare moment to share our crafts with each other.

Once I set up along came my first customer, Diego a black and white English Springer Spaniel and his new sister Bella a tri color of the same breed. Bella is too young to have treats (I don't recommend treats under 6 mos.) but Diego is well of age and he enjoyed Beagle Bites the best. Diego is a working dog and he carries the family back pack for the days market buys and when they go on hikes he carries his own water.

Bella got tired waiting for us to see what treats her brother wanted the most and decided to get a drink and take a quick nap.

We enjoyed another special visit to our booth from Zeeko a 14 years old lab mix and he is his Mommies boy. He loved the Nut Rolls and we begged to be able to put him on our site. How awesome is Zeeko! As cool as his name. So sweet and look at the love. We think this is a great shot! Moms were so excited to be able to be in the shot and show off their wonderful boy! After meeting him, I definitely know why!

June Bug was the last to come by. June Bug was a rescue and she and her Dad have been togehter for about 5 months now. He works at The Barking Lounge and June Bug gets to go with him to work every day. June Bug is a perfect example of a pup winning the doggy lottery. Her Dad was looking online for a dog. He did not find one that would work, so he went to the Seattle Animal Shelter, she was slated to be put down and he came to her rescue. June Bug was there just waiting for him. She is a love and we could not be more pleased about the happy ending.

The best friends in the world are waiting to give you a life you never expected. The best life! One where you both win. Good job to all that rescue and for our lives that are saved by our good decisions.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Alaska Airlines supported Saturday Sale

My neighbor works for Alaska Airlines and asked if I wanted to participate in their employee sale day. I was excited about the idea, so I said yes. It was a small event but really fun. I had a fun time and look who I met.

First I ran into Gordon of Rainier Designs. How perfect, I need to get some hats and shirts made with our logo and did not know where to go. Gordon has 2 big dogs and took one of each flavor. He was so helpful and I am excited to get our brand on shirts and hats for us and towels and toys for our dog friends.

I saw Ricci, a Ridgeback mix with golden eyes and a special coat, from across the parking lot. I could not wait to say hello. Mom and Dad made him a Cheeta dog! His spots look so authentic and besides being the most handsome of fellows, sweetest natured, kicked back dog I have ever met, he looked so cool with his fur done up. I hope he enters AnimaloCity Pet Parade on Aug 26th. I think he could win!

I loved Ricci so much. I kept feeding him samples for tricks, and making a general fuss over him, I think I wore him out. What a Uneek dog, he got 5 boxes of Pizza Crust. Our biggest one time sale yet! Thanks Ricci!

I stepped away from my booth for a moment and when I returned, what did I find but Martha and Juliet sitting on the table, enjoying every sample put in front of them. I could not be happier. So of course I took pictures.

Mom says Martha likes all treats but Juliet is very picky. I said, really, she is eating every treat she can get her paws on! Mom could not be more surprised to find a treat she likes, so they both went home with Uneek Treats. That is a story we like to report!

Tacoma Farmer's Market every Thursday

Uneek had another first day at the Tacoma Farmer's Market. On Broadway in the heart of downtown between 9th and 11th, the Tacoma market is a bustling venue. Not as many dogs as most of the customers are on a break from the work day. Uneek had a few and what we did not have in quantity, we made up in quality.

Nico is a Sharpe and what a handsome fellow and a lover. He came right up to see what we had to offer. He took home Beagle Bites but also enjoyed Pizza Crust. His parents were concerned about his manners, jumping up on the table like that. I said, can he do it again, I have to get a shot of this face to share with everyone! Thanks Mom and Dad! Come by anytime.

Another great meet was, Zlata. She just came from the Vet and was so soft, kind and adorable. She got herself some treats for being so good and having to get poked. I just know, after her walk, she will enjoy going home, having some Uneek Treats and taking a good nap. It was really nice to meet Zlata and we hope to see her again!

Kirkland Farmers Market on Wednesdays

This was the first time for Uneek Treats at the Kirkland Farmer's Market. It was a beautiful day and we were right up from the marina in downtown Kirkland.

It was a great time at our booth. We met so many cool dogs. Igloo, a white lab, was so sweet and just loved our treats. That is a happy face!

Forrest, a Border Terrier came by and wanted to see what we were all about. He just took it upon himself to take a look. It was so cute. Aftger Forrest got his samples, he decided it was ok for me to take his picutre.

As we were getting an adorable shot of Forrest along came Jack. Well Forrest really liked Jack. So much, that he gave him a hug hello. How awesome is that.

As soon as hugs were up, Bailey joined the group. Baily is a German Short-Haired Pointer. What a delight. They all went on with their hellos and then got their samples and Mom's and Dad's bought them treats. It is like the water cooler at work. Saying hello, telling each other what kind of day they are having, perhaps even where they would like to go. I just sit back and watch them have a tail waggin' time.

Once I got the water refreshed and more samples of Uneek Treats out, Dobby stopped by. Dobby is a Carin-Bichon mix and is also a rescue from Renton. A return from a pet store and found his new Mom who could not love him more. His Mom is a fan of Homeward Pet in Woodinville and donates, in time and money, as much as she possibly can! Uneek commends you!

At Uneek we give cudos to all efforts for our animals. We especially love the no kill efforts and we cannot thank you enough for all of your sacrifice to creating a better life for an animal that needs it! You are all doing one of the toughest most important jobs in the world!

A funny joke was told to me by a fellow going by, How do you catch a Uneek dog? U neek up on it! Very well done!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Issaquah Market Through Dad's Eyes 7/16/06

Today is very special for me because my Dad wrote our blog as we were selling treats. Here is his take on the day and THANKS DAD!

It was a dark and stormy night!! Whoops, wrong blog. Really, it was a bit overcast today which would lead one to believe it would be busy. Oh contrare, it was a bit slow.

Our first visitor was Carlson, a service dog in training. Extremely well groomed-which we learned was an important bridge between the able and the disabled. It was hard to not feed him treats because he is not allowed to get hooked on such behaviors

Bandit came by for a repeat visit, some water and samples. Maybe next time he will be lucky enough to get a box of his very own.

Chuck, a Westie, stopped and drank a lot of water. 4 hollow legs. He was a bit camera shy, so you will have to take our word for it that he was really cute!

Tawney, a Hungarian bird dog, field not water, said hello. A brand new breed for us. Looks like a pocket greyhound. She was a huge fan of Uneek Treats and sat so well begging ever so delicately for treats.

Several hellos from Kila, Irish and Lady. They are becoming old friends of our. We were too busy having them do tricks for treats, we did not get a photo.

Tilly bought anther box of Pizza Bites. Actually, Mom did. Tilly did not bring her allowance with her.

A high 5 from Bella. Such a face.Very attentive while Deena explained about the treats (or was it the treat in her hand that she was waving around)?

Thats it. Like I said before, a bit slow. But as with any mind gripping saga, there does need to be some quiet times.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Polly Needs a Home

Polly is about 45 lbs and a wonderful lab who is in need of a home. Her family is unable to keep her and being such a GREAT girl, we wanted to post the need for her to be adopted to a new home. PLEASE HELP POLLY!

If you would like to adopt Polly, please contact me. Polly will come with much love and a box of Uneek Treats!