Monday, March 24, 2008

Delano California Mass Shelter Pull Out Effort

I can't believe this Delano California mass shelter pull out effort. THEY NEED HELP!! All the staff is older 70 years old and volunteers.

If you would like to help please, spread the word that Delano needs spay/neuter help at the shelter and City/State funding.

They are killing too many great's horrible chain link fence and tarps.. that's about it.

email for the shelter details.. seriously they need Oprah and lots of media attention..

Kirsten Anderson is 25 great girl dog walker/trainer (pits) saw the dogs on and loaded a rented truck full of crates and drove to Delano and pulled as many as she could.

There were babies sickly ones with mange and worms. Babies 6-8 weeks old left to die in the dirt.

Pregnant momma's (my vet has one) the story is an eye opener of the huge problem the Delano CA Animal Shelter faces. They have absolutely no funding.

Where it is now is we need medicine. $$, worming med, antibiotics..any donations.

Karla has a good majority of the puppies and the poodle momma with a bad leg and her email is please contact Karla via email her to ask her what her priority needs she has!

She is a solo Animal rescuer. I think is the website or .org. We appreciate any donations!


Duke is a 2.5 yr-old, sweet lab mix boy, neutered, loves kids and seems great with his food but is not good with cats. He is a very energetic boy.

He's young, athletic, loves to play, run and jump. He is anxious to please. Needs an experienced dog lover to continue his lessons in manners and obedience so he can hang out with other dogs, reach his potential and become a great lifelong companion. He is quite beautiful and has long legs eager to exercise. He would do well as a hiking/jogging companion. He is located in Longview, Wa.

Duke’ s story was a sad one. He was living in filth. He was allowed only within one foot of the opening of the sliding door to be greeted by any human hands. He never got the loved he needed and is ready. Trust us, he is worth it..and then some!
For adoption, small fee toward the non-profit fund to help the animals will be requested. For more information, contact his Volunteer Advocates at: Perrin at or Judith at

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Harley the Sweetest Angel Boy

Hi, I am Harley and I am looking for a new home.

I am a really beautiful 7 month old Lab / shepherd mix.

He is very light blonde in color, is fixed, shots all that stuff. Just a really great dog. If you know anyone who might like to have him please call.