Thursday, July 02, 2009

What A Great Birthday Weekend!

I had a wonderful time this weekend doing some of my favorite things. It was a nice birthday! I was able to help save 16 dogs from Post Falls Idaho. I met the dogs that were transported from Post Falls and I picked them up in Ellensburg and brought them to Bellevue and Sea Tac and Tacoma.

The dogs that came were Buddy a Lab pup full of energy and life as we know our labs to be!

Sidney a german shepherd mix. He was soft, beautiful and a really nice boy, who wanted to get on with running and playing!

Charley an 8 month old Bull Mastive. He is sweet as can be!

1 shepherd puppy we named Cole. I wish I was able to get a picture of him. What a sweet doll. I held him most of the way home!
A Mama lab and 10 puppies. Those pups were so cute. They were just so tiny!
A pup blue heeler/cattle dog mix.

There was a pregnant Cattle Dog and she ended up having her pups that very night!

Well, they were all wonderful and my Element was full of crates and 14 dogs! I wish I could have taken a picture of that too but it was so hot and I just wanted to get these dogs on the road to their destination and wind in their ears.

They all got great fosters and are going to be looking for permament homes of course. For information on any of these great dogs, contact Perrin at Saving Great Animals.


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