Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PJ's Paws and Claws in Magnolia

I had a wonderful time dropping off treats at PJ's Paws and Claws. What a wonderful boutique style store where it is always reigning dogs and cats. We just supplied them with a fresh re-order. Thank you for supporting us and them.

I wish I didn't live so far away, I would be in there all the time! Please enjoy PJ's retail store page where they have links to their many involvements. There are costume party and parade pictures, a recycle day and their fury 5k to raise money for needy animals.

I love knowing that folks that sell my treats are just as passionate as I am about everything that matters. Making sure we are healthy and happy, have a home and enjoy good quality Treats. Uneek Treats that is!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Please click on Tank to help him find a home. He is a special fellow who needs parents who want a special pal to take care of!

Here an excerpt from his bio:

You may think that five years isn't that old, and it's usually not. But for an x-large boy like Tank, it's older than you think. You see, Tank is carrying around many extra pounds and unfortunately the extra weight, combined with age, has led him to develop arthritis in his right hip and right stifle (a dog's "knee"). His gait is funny and he takes a little longer to sit down and stand up, but he still willingly goes on leisurely walks and does his best to hop into the car when it's time to go for a ride. And despite being isolated and virtually ignored for who knows how long, Tank is one of those big, friendly, goofy "teddy bear" dogs. He loves to be hugged, cuddled and generally adored...

What a great gift for any time of the year but especially this time of giving and loving and thinking of other than oneself. How cool to be able to see that gift every time you look into Tanks eyes!!!

Thanks Karleen for always being there to help an animal in need!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hanna Needs A Forever Home

What a great gift for the holidays. Giving a forever home to a rescue dog and to give your life a forever gift that keeps on giving. This time of year there is so much going on. Believe it or not, people are filling the shelters up with dogs they are taking out of there home. This is so backwards.

More dogs should be coming out of the shelters not going in! Here is a sweet example of a dog in NEED. She is currently being fostered and is being evaluated by Deborah of Good Citizen Canine. Here is her bio from her foster familly.

Hanna is a female border collie mix that is 11 months old. All of her shots are up to date and she has been spayed prior to her arrival with us. Hanna is a wonderful puppy, that need a little more obedience training but does know some of the more basic commands. She is both house broken and kennel trained. She is a real lover and good with other dogs, but has never been exposed to cats.

Hanna would like to think that she is a lap dog, but she is a little big for that. Her previous owner was overly generous with her food and very gentle on the excerise. Needless to say, she is about 10 lbs over weight.

Hanna is full of energy and wants nothing more than to please who ever she is around. She adjusted very fast to life at our home and certain she would do the same for anyone else that is willing to give her the TLC and she needs.

If we did not already have three dogs, we would make her part of our family.

Thank you for all of your help

P.S. anyone interested in Hanna can reach us at (360) 400-1617 just ask for Ben or Toni

Folks, there are so many dogs in need. If not Hanna, please go to your local shelter and make this a true happy holiday season. They will help you to keep your New Years resolution! Exercise and enjoy life!!!!

Holiday Blues for the Homeless! ADOPT OR FOSTER!!

Dear Animal Lovers,

From Ginger...

This is a very emotional email. Tears are running down my keyboard.

I went to visit a shelter. Everyone is dumping off their animals for the holidays.
There are now 3 dogs to a cage. As I pass their cage they all look up at me with pleading eyes and hope.

Tell me how do I pick and choose?
Which one will be lucky and which one will die?
Can you help me foster so I can choose just one MORE?

There is a really skinny Great Dane mix....I wish someone would take him. There is a shepard that has been locked up for over a month, there are four dogs that are so depressed they wont even stand up.

I took the two old ones and the one dog that has crooked eyes and a dog with no front teeth last week. They tell me no one wants the "deformed ones" or the old ones or the sick ones or the ugly ones.

I even took Angel, the 13 yr old dog that has terminal cancer. She is doing so great with a wonderful foster mom that drove all the way from Ellensburg to come get her.
Compassion is what this rescue is all about.

Tacoma Shelter told me that they just took in 126 dogs and cats in the last 2 days.
I plan to go there tomorrow. If I bring an extra dog back can you help me foster?
Or can you go down and adopt one and bring him home with you?
If you can't ~ can you please just ask a friend, family, co-worker, neighbor or anyone to help? Every shelter in town is over loaded right now.
Yes ~ I have never felt so desperate ~

Thanks, Ginger

Monday, November 13, 2006

Donations Needed for Happy Howlidays!

Happy Howlidays is an animal welfare program designed to gather things like
food, blankets, towels, beds and sweaters, all of which will be delivered by
the Dugan Foundation to local animal welfare and animal care and control
shelters between Christmas and the New Year. This community program is designed
to improve shelter conditions for homeless companion animals in transition.

Gifts and donations will be accepted between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please deliver your gifts and donations during normal business hours, 8 AM to 5
PM, at the office of Krei Architecture located at 7 N. Tacoma Ave. in the
Stadium District, near the corner of N. Tacoma Avenue and Division. Phone
number there is 253.572.9274. OR If it is local enough to me (NE Tacoma/Federal
Way area) I will gladly pick up and deliver for you.

What do they need?
Some of the things that animal shelters use and need the most are used blankets
and towels, dry food, dog sweaters, brooms, litter boxes, mops, hoses, etc.

Donated items will be delivered by the Dugan Foundation Board of Directors will deliver all donations to the beneficiaries on Saturday, December 30th.

Three organizations that will be receiving the donations are:
Pierce County Animal Care and Control
City of Tacoma Animal Care and Control
The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County

Each organization submitted a list of needs to the Dugan Foundation. Common
items will be evenly split between all three. Specific items will go to the
specific agency. If you want more info on what the agencys would like please
contact me and I will send you their wish lists.

The Dugan Foundation will publish an article in the Tacoma Weekly thanking all
those that participated and update the community on what was given and where it
went. We will also post the results on our website, as well as pictures and
details from the overall event.

THANK YOU so much from the animals of Pierce County!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Washington Council For The Blind Convention

It was an incredible experience for me. I was told there is a saying among the blind, "Sight is overrated." There were no truer words spoken. There was an amazing flow and energy. Such a tight community also. Most folks knew each other and or heard of each other. I was no execption. The word was spread about Uneek Treats.

There are so many supportive groups for the blind like South King Council for the Blind

United Blind of Spokane

United Blind of Whatcomb County

Seattle Lighthouse, The Lighthouse For The Blind

Next Level Assistive Technology

En Vision America

Community Services for the Blind and Partially Sited

Camp Harobed

Capitol City Council of the Blind

Assistive Technology Loans

Lilly with Mom Pam, creators of Blinksoft

Here are all the wonderful folks who were at the convention to learn about and be able to take advantage of the services available to enhance their lives.

Look how well they do in crowds just waiting for their next direction

How alert and protective they are... and how happy Mom is

They come in all types of breeds like this rescue from Texas!

A poodle who loves Mom and is a great guide dog

Even at 9 years old, the energy of 3 dogs

Ever so patient and just as sweet

Guide Dogs for the Blind Yakima Chapter (Labs are the most common)

German Shepards do well and ever alert waiting for the next command

They may not be able to be pet by people but they sneek in greeting to each other when no one is looking

Even if they look alike they are so very different

Just look at that face!

It is amazing how much independence guide dogs provide

They don't just work, they love too

There is always options to help in so many different ways. It was great to see how dogs can give life and freedom and unconditional joy and get it all in return. It sure wa hard to not pet them and say hello with a hug, so I asked them to do it for me when they were off duty.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Thanks to Gingers Pet Rescue for always helping spread the word. Our great community!


Volunteers asked to help !!!

Pasado's Safe Haven, a national animal welfare agency
based in Sultan, Wash. , has informed flood victims
through the media that we will help with pets and
livestock animals during this time of need.

Pasado's will provide (at no cost):

Temporary housing for any pet or livestock animal
including cows, horses, goats, sheep, etc.
Temporary care including feeding through this time of need
Transport for all large animals

Flood victims should call 360-793-9393
(Press/volunteers please call cell 425-283-8307).

American Red Cross Snohomish Chapter and

Pasado's Safe Haven

Through am MOU (memo of understanding) reached earlier
this year between the Snohomish County Chapter of the
American Red Cross and Pasado's Safe Haven, animal
sheltering will be provided to flood victims forced to
leave their homes with pets. This unique collaboration
will keep animals and their guardians together through
any disaster. PasadoRescue was the only Pacific
Northwest shelter to rescue in the Gulf during the
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We learned valuable
lessons about how to assist pets and their guardians
through this experience.


If you would like to assist should we need persons for
transport, please call: 425-283-8307 or e-mail

Those with trucks, vans, horse trailers or trailers
are also encouraged to contact us. Thanks you!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Paddywack "Give Your Dog a Bone" Howl-O-Ween Event


Yes boys and girls, Friday Oct. 27th was the first annual Paddywack Howl-O-Ween Doggie Do. Proceeds went to Best Friends Animal Society!

Nothing too scary but a lot very imaginative. We went from Pagliacci to Sponge Bob Squarepants.

The pictures are from the Paddywack person as we experienced camera difficulties so we didn't get individual shots and names so we can only mention Powder and Muggsey. Sorry no photo. We did enjoy this cute lady pug! I hope you can forgive us this time and we promise to do better next time. Thank you to Cowbelly Pet Photography for capturing those precious moments for a lifetime!

Paddywack put on a really good Do and if you are in Mill Creek, please stop in. Owner Janet having a bone-a-fide good time!

Lots of sniffing and only the humans paid any attention to the costume, unless it came way down in the back.

Pirates, hula dancers, snails, witches, cookies, vamps, dogs in sheeps clothing. All in all an eclectic group and everyone had a good time. We were able to talk a lot with everyone with serious concern about treating their family members with the best food they could buy. Since we are promoting a 100% Organic, non-gluten issue treat, it was very heartening for us.

Take a look at the pictures and see if you can spot the terribly hansom hunk that was there. He says that when he met George Clooney, George said, 'It's like looking in a mirror!'. (My dad he's funny! He doesn't look like George. Only for missing the dark in tall dark and handsome!)

And to the young lady who tried our people treats for dogs, YUK, YOU ATE DOG FOOD! Ha, ha, she was a good sport to put up with our teasing. She kept coming back for more samples! Uneek Treats, 1 treat for 1 house.

So until next time, Ciao.

Thanks for the blog Dad! You know Uneek had the best time and Dad helped when we end our event with Ciao.

Till next time! Look for our trip to the Washington Council of the Blind event in Tukwila on Nov 10th. We will miss seeing Topper there but glad to hear he is enjoying his retirement on a farm with plenty of friends!