Thursday, December 28, 2006

Annie Needs A Home By 8 AM!

There is a never ending supply of 'urgent adoption needs'. It is so hard to take. Once your home is at capacity, how do you help the next one that comes. I can only think Community. Each one of us networked with another. Adoption emails we can send to our group and they to theirs and so on. Not everyone can adopt each email but the next person may.

Look for updates to our donation page. Together, this years donations went to the Dugan Foundation, Great Dane Rescue, Washington Council for the Blind, Grey Hound Rescue, LA Animal Shelters and especially the Kent Animal Shelter and Gingers Pet Rescue.

The work never stops. If you can take this blog and send the link to as many poeple as you can on your list, there are some really amazing dogs that need rescuing.

This little gal has been in the shelter, waiting to be picked up or adopted. The shelter folks say she seems very friendly and loving and full of energy. She came to the shelter with a collar, but no tags and was picked up in the area of Forks Mobile Home Park.

To bring her home, call the Forks Animal Shelter at
360-374-2223 or email:

We will try to help with some of the transport - Denise and Chuck DeVaney, 360-963-2300.
Thanks for your help!

Fred and Ginger

They were dropped off at a shelter after 15 years of loyal service to my owner. Ginger has taken us. We had a hard time going to the shelter and are looking for a great home to ride out our lives.

This story I only have an address. Is there someone in the Seattle neighborhood looking for a great dog and can help this dog and this couple?

the dog at the rental house occupied by a couple at 4804 Delridge Way.
It is really, really sad to hear the poor dog in the middle of all the
rain and windstorms literally crying for attention and care. The barks,
cries and whimpering come straight up into our living room so I am
keenly aware of the animals plight.

It continues to receive no exercise and is kept chained up in the middle of mud hole on about a 10 foot leash. Seattle Animal Control has been a complete joke and bureaucratic nightmare.

The neglected animal just cries for attention. I have spoken with them twice since we have lived here about their dog. They have done little to nothing about it.

Please anyone who sees something really bad like that, do something. Draw attention to the issue by asking to help out or that you know a great home if the dog is too much for them.

Last but certainly not least Annie, she only has until 8 am tomorrow morning!

My name is Annie and I am a Labrador Pit Mix. I am 3 yrs old, spayed and have all my shots up to date. I get along with everyone...other dogs, cats, kids and people of all ages. With kids I love to be cuddled and petted by them and we get along so well! I am a real people dog and weigh 40 lbs, lots of happy energy and I love to play outside. I would make an excellent jogging partner, I love to swim and wrestle with you for fun. I need to be exercised as much as possible. My dream is someone with a huge back yard, lots of kids and open range. I love doggy parks and I will promise you unconditional love. I have no bad habits but training in agility would sure be fun for me to try. Adoption Fee: $ 200.00

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Please, if you have any idea where Charlie is, please call 425.213.2383

He was last seen heading north on Avondale on 12/21 in Redmond. He is shy but friendly. There is a reward, beyond the reward of helping reunite man and dog. He has a blue harness and tags. Good luck!

Serch and Zappa have gotten away quite a few times and we live on a busy road. I cannot tell you the pain of that moment when you realize, you have no idea where your dogs are.

Our house was like Chicken Run for two weeks. We both worked full time and we tried leaving them outside. Zappa is a roamer and very strong and Serch just goes right along for the ride. Thankfully they always ran to a familiar place. Either direction we have great neighbors. No matter what we do, she kept breaking out of the yard. We would come home and fix it then 3 days later, some other pieces of the fence is gone and so are they.

It was funny because at the time we saw a show on the animal planet channel about tenatious animals. Squirrels you can't keep out of bird feeders and elephants who pack their tracking bells w/ wet dirt to silence them. What I got out of it was, they have all day to work on it and we have 30 minutes to patch it up. She even moved those huge rocks.

We got very lucky and they always ran to their friends houses. Looking for their toys! Bubba was Zappa's first pal. We miss you Bubs!

I hope this holiday time has brought cherished memories to enjoy for times to come. I thank you all for your efforts! Lets unite our community to bring Charlie home to his family.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An Eyefull into my Best Friend's Special Night

Eyefull Show in Tacoma. Women artists putting on a show of Women Artists. I wish I had been able to go but alas, it was not meant to be. It was hard not to be there for Dez. It was awesome that my Dad went and here is his Eyefull.

Well it was a very good show. There was wine, loud music, an almost naked woman, some people I knew and a whole lot I didn't.

We had posing blocks that were in use sporadically.

I missed the vocal artwork. Maybe next time.

I saw part of a black and white film that was done by a former film student. It had a very eastern European flavor to it. Unfortunately, there was only a very bad projector to show it with and it practically ruined the film. Too bad, I would liked to have seen the whole thing.

The best work of course was by Dez. Of course we are prejudice. She was way out in front of all the others.

She had three pieces up and I had not seen any of them. Very cool. And she was wearing grommets and mirrors as jewelery and it looked good. You go 'Grommet Girl'.

Until the next show, ciao.

For an eyeful from another view click here.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Home 4 the Holidays’ 2006

SEATTLE – The Seattle Animal Shelter announced today that it has joined paws with the Helen Woodward Animal Center and more than 2,000 other pet adoption centers nationwide for “Home 4 the Holidays 2006.” This event, organized to raise awareness of the joys of owning shelter-adopted pets, hopes to link more than 350,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with loving, adoptive families.

“Last year’s ‘Home 4 the Holidays’ was a tremendous success,” says Animal Shelter Director Don Jordan. “More than 328,000 orphaned animals were matched with loving families nationwide and hundreds were placed in new homes in Seattle. Our goal this year is to find homes for all orphaned animals at the Seattle Animal Shelter. We’re hoping families in Seattle have room in their hearts and homes for a pet this holiday and all of the holidays to come.”

This holiday season, animal lovers can also consider giving the gift of friendship to family and friends in the form of a gift certificate to help subsidize the adoption of a four-legged companion.

“There are so many good reasons for giving gift certificates toward the adoption of an animal from a shelter,” Jordan says. “You give orphaned animals a second chance in life and the recipients of the certificate can take their time choosing their special pet from an amazing variety of dogs and cats, from mixed breeds to purebreds. Finally, by adopting from a shelter, you directly help reduce the suffering caused by the country’s tremendous pet overpopulation problem.”

Adopting an animal from the Seattle Animal Shelter saves that animal’s life and reduces unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. It is also a tremendous value. Adoption packages range from $42 to $115 and include:

Initial vaccinations
Free health exam at a local veterinarian’s office
Spay or neuter
Seattle Pet License (if applicable)

To purchase a gift certificate, make a donation, talk with an adoption counselor or preview animals for adoption, please visit the Animal Shelter at 2061 - 15th Ave. W., approximately one mile south of the Ballard Bridge. The shelter is open every day, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for licensing, and noon to 6 p.m. for adoptions. For more information, please call (206)386-PETS (7387). Information and photos of animals currently available for adoption are posted on the shelter’s web site at

“Home 4 the Holidays” began in November 1999 when the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., organized all 14 shelters in San Diego County to work together to find homes for orphaned pets during the holiday season. The campaign began 10 days before Thanksgiving and continued through the end of the year. As a result 2,563 orphaned dogs and cats woke up New Year’s morning in their new homes.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Paws for the Holidays

Hi everyone. Long time no write. We were at the Dog Pavilion in Tacoma and were in support of Gingers Pet Rescue. All dogs are listed on The deadlines are real!. Please help. Maybe unconditional love is waiting for you.

The vendors who were there are:
Pet Lane- one week mousepads with prepaid postage.

R&C Creature Comforts- mostly dog clothing and custom work.

Firehouse Tails- clothing, ornaments and cards.

Standing Stones Photography- featuring (gasp!) custom photography.

Peninsula Spay and Neuter Project- with Molly, a shelter dog and a gentle soul.

Spring Mountain Studios- custom jewelry.

T&T Custom T-Shirts- Doggie shirts on the spot.

Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound- with Daisey Mae, a Welsh Corgi and a real tail wager who is very friendly. She also is Delta Society Certified and Good Citizen Certified.She helps the hearing impaired and volunteers at St. Joseph Medical Center. Whew!!

New friends included:

Buddy, a 10 week old Cockapoo, was just adorable*********BIG DOG ALERT*******

Rudy and Tobie. Very vocal in their greeting everyone.

Vixen, a miniature American Eskimo. She said to mention that she runs the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue, American Eskimo Chapter, Sherry Meyers the official breed rep.

Paplillon, a Penny Lane. Those ears perk up all the time.

Mitzy & Mikey two Jack Russel's- one very rambunctious and one very gentle.

Lucy, a blue healer and Katalula Leopard dog. Only our second one. And actually dark blue.

Dolche and Justus Harry Blackman (a rescue) who jointly own Debora Rosen of Good Citizen certified trainer and behavior consultant.

That is it for now. Don't know when our next do is but keep checking the blog. And a special thanks for a special person who came and helped. Hopefully she will help again. Ciao.

Will You Give Me My Forever Home?

My name is Goliath. Look at my cute face...I need a home!

I am a 2 yr old American Staffordshire terrier and Bull Dog mix.
I am neutered, shots all up to date and I am a real sweetheart of a dog.
I weigh 55 lbs, love cats, other dogs and kids of all ages.
I am happy, friendly, affectionate and a very calm dog.
I am now being treated for skin problems called Demodex Mange, but it is very treatable and slowly going away. I was found lost on the streets with no home to call my own. Won‚t you invite me into your life? I promise you I will be your best friend and the most loyal dog you will ever have. Adoption Fee: $ 125.00