Thursday, September 28, 2006

Des Moines Market on a Beautiful Fall Day

Well, it started off cold and windy today and as I sat there in the shade at the Des Moines Farmers Market, I stayed cold. Deena had the sense to stand in the sunlight. It was a nice day but only two friends stopped by.

First it was Cheyenne, a four month old chocolate Lab. She was very well behaved. A real sweetheart.

Lastly, Sasha, a Alaskan Malamute, said she reallllly liked our treats.

So ends another day in the life of a Uneek Treats person. Ciao.

Friday, September 22, 2006

ASPCA The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

I cried when I saw this book. It touched me because Uneek Dogs Cards are pictures of rescue dogs that made it to a home. Some of the dogs in this book did not make it out of the shelter. You can buy cards from us or them for the Holiday Season. We both donate to help save animals. I cheered when I read this victory.

It is important for us to test ourselves everyday. What are we capable of. What can we do it we are truly challenged to do it. Well, that is a question only you can answer. There are plenty of places that you can start that journey. The ASPCA, The Humane Society, PAWS, IFAW, Greenpeace, Gingers Pet Rescue, Pasado's Safe Haven, your local animal shelter an individual in your neighborhood who is always rescuing and saving an animals life. There are more organizations than I can print here. That is amazing and sad. I wish we did not need any of them but how good we can feel that since we do, there are those whose passion makes it happen.

I give my best thoughts and wishes to you all who do what you can. Please feel free to contact us and share what you do and we can the word out!

To share in saving a life, especially an animal with no other choice but the ones we make, is one of lifes greatest accomplishment. It gives you so much in return and that is the energy we need to pass around this world. To save it.

To teach and involve others to share in the importance of saving the life of a creature of any shape or size, is an action that will forever generate good karma and energy.

I think if the news reported everytime someone adopted an animal, saved ones life or donated to the effort of, it would increase and encourage that behavior. To the point where good will not be as needed, simply just wanted and craved.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Thank you Karleen for your vigilance in spreading the word. You are the best at sharing your caring!

Breed specific legislation hurts everyone. The responsibility of a good citizen falls first on the parent. Just saying someone cannot have a certain type of dog is not only irresponsible and discriminatory, it is none effective. There are many great dogs in all breeds. Most every dog is really great!

My personal favorite is the Pit Bull. There are many stories out there but mine are all great. The pit is smart, kind, intelligent, family oriented and the only breed that is capable of doing all the jobs that all the other breeds specifics do as their only trait.

Aggression, jus like in people, is caused by lack of good diet and good training!!

Put the responsibility where it lies, on the parent. Not the breed. Any breed of dog will turn mean if treated and trained inappropriately. Any dog breed will turn out great if treated with love and trained and fed well!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Serch and The Zappa, Beagle Bites and the Orbo

Serch and Zappa have been enjoying their new toys. I purchased an Orbo by Earth Dog for each of them. Our Beagle Bites and Pizza Crust are a perfect fit. It keeps them busy and I know the treats inside are good for them!

Larry Made Another Masterpiece

Larry has poured his heart and soul into this project. This is the email he sent...

I just finished the Pasado bridge for Pasado Safe Haven. I am donating it because I have alway's had something for that little donkey every since I heard what happened to him. I am sending you a pic of the bridge. This was the most challenging bridge so far. I made the donkey from Pasado's only pic that they have of him. I will send his pic so you can compare.

Do you know anyone that write's poetry that would write a short poem about Pasados demise that I could wood burn on the bridge between the hoof print's. I want the poem to be named BETWEEN THE HOOF PRINT'S. Larry

Larry does amazing work! Check out his other masterpieces!

Uneek Treats Spent the Summer in Malibu

Uneek Treats were enjoying the sun and fun in the hands of stars in Malibu. What a ride. Although I was not there personally, many others were.

What a fun thing for us to have done and we hope donations will increase due to more exposure. It is all about saving animals!

Our Last Sunday at the Ballard Market

It is that time. The season is winding down. I will be at the Wallingford market on Wed and Des Moines on Saturday. I will try for Fremont on Sunday. All scheduled
events depend on the weather. Our packing is so recycled, it does not stand up to rain. This is good for recycling bad for us with our winter weather.

Dad brought us this Sunday's blog and I enjoyed it very much, I know you will too! A special hello to Rusty. I really enjoyed hanging out!

Thanks for the blog Dad!!

It was overcast and cold today in Ballard. The crowds were thin in the am but picked up a bit as the day went on.

A Beagle named Oscar came by first with a new pal Ivy, a Boston and English Bulldog who came from others who she is still adjusting to her new life that is very different, so we couldn't overcome the shyness. But she was starting to become one half of a twosome. New best friends!

Riley, a Katrina rescue, who is a bit of German Sheppard and a lot of love, said hello.

Diego, a Beagle got two boxes and loved them. Found out he is a big fan of Marymoor Park and like the Zappa found the dirty-est, stinky-est, area of mud and rolled in it and strutted around after.

Rusty, an Irish Setter, who is a Ballard resident says Hi! to all.

Snacks, a pug didn't want to have her picture taken, pure energy!

Golden Garden Dog Park was recommended. I am told it is off lease and off Market Street in the Shillshoe Bay area (Ballard). Anyone who has been there, please drop us a story and a picture and we can add it to our links page.

Until next time, Ciao.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Uneek and Eartly Donations and Gingers Rescue

Uneek Treats and Earthly Delights sent a donation of our three treats varieties and mini Charlie Bar soap-on-a-ropes for the Lint Roller Party swag bags. It was a lot of work and a tight deadline but fun to do and feels really good. There is a long list of celebrities and I am sure everyone of them will help in raising quite a bit of money for our homeless friends!

I have included a posting from Craigs list to help aid in Ginger's Pet Rescue. Ginger has been helping rescue so many dogs in WA. My hat is off to Ginger and if there is anything you or someone you know can do, please, she can use the support!

Ginger'sPetRescue seeks volunteers, FOSTER (ASAP!)forever homes 4 dogs
Reply to:
Date: 2006-09-08, 7:08PM

*** We have several dogs coming from shelters that need foster homes immediately!!! Saving them at the last minute is wonderful but placing them temporarily is CRUCIAL. If you or anyone can help, please contact us asap!!!*****

Thank you to the sweet woman who sent us 12 brand new collars for our rescue dogs! We appreciate such donations so much and they will be put to good use. If anyone is interested in donating dog supplies, food, flea medication, anything dogs may need, we would be VERY grateful! Also, we are looking for people to help us with fundraising ideas and to volunteer their time to assist once we plan some!

I'm posting on behalf of my friend's rescue group "Ginger's Pet Rescue". She started her organization this year and has saved over 120 dogs from shelters, mainly in eastern Washington. She desperately needs foster homes (and adoptive homes) for these animals. Foster homes need to have a fenced yard please and be able to keep a dog for a fair amount of time until Ginger has a chance to find them homes. All of the dogs she saves are days away from being euthanised due to shelter overcrowding. They are very adoptable, friendly and gentle animals that just need a second chance.

Also Ginger has her non-profit status now-number available upon request for tax write-off/donations. Thanks!!!

If you or anyone you know are interested in helping to foster, transport or volunteer, please contact Ginger at, Perrin at or myself at for more information. Her website is You can also see her adoptable dogs and happy "tails" at (or beautiful animals from ALL shelters in Washington).

THANK YOU from all of us who help Ginger save precious dogs!
Karyn and her two pups, Raven Zeusy
Original URL:

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ballard Market Sunday

Lots of friends stopped by today, it was good to be back;

Lucy brought by her "Auntie" who was babysitting, bought Beagle Bites. She is a sweetheart. So soft and loveable.

Carmela, a Corgi, was very patient for her picture and bought a box of Nut Rolls. She is going to use them for that last bit of training. Her owner is almost fully trained.

Bender, a yellow Lab, originally from Oregon, took a box of Pizza Crusts.

Maggy, a Heinz 57 rescue (the best kind) got Beagle Bites.

What a super special girl!

Jaro, a Goldendoodle, also liked Beagle Bites. Just as soft as can be!

Hana, (small flower in Japanese) a Shiba Inu (little dog in Japanese) liked the Nut Rolls.

Hoover, a Xolo, the national dog of Mexico-not the Chihuahua !?- originally bred by the Aztecs, bought Beagle Bites. These dogs come in three sizes, small, medium and large and in the same litter you can get coated or hairless. How amazing!

Maggie, a Dane/Pit/Pointer said hello and took home Nut Rolls. A beautifully shaped dog with one of the shiniest coats I have ever seen.

Ruby, a Doxy, rode in her own travel backpack-the kind for airplanes. She took Nut Rolls and then told me that she did wear a bun costume one year for Halloween.

Big Black Dog Alert! Nigel, a 16 month Canadian Hunting Lab, blocked out the Sun whilst buying Beagle Bites and spreading all kinds of love.

Lastly, but not leastly, Henry, a Golden Retriever puppy said hello.

Hana and Hoover were two new breeds for us. Such a wonderful diversity of new and old friends at the Farmers Markets. Please get out to one in your area before the season is over. If you see us there (look for the big red bone attached to our booth) stop and say hi. Till next time, as my granddaughter, the birthday girl, who is seven going on 32 today says, Ciao!

Thanks Dad for todays blog. I love having you out there with me and I always look forward to seeing the market through your eyes.

Every Mom and Dad who loves their dog so much that they get to be pampered, wins my heart! Especially seeing that rescue dog who won the doggy lottery. It means so much when I get to meet amazing dogs and their families. I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we do. It is always a Uneek experience.

Urban Dogs Day

Uneek Treats enjoyed our debut at Urban Dogs in Bellevue. You can now get our treats in both locations. They have another store in Tacoma. It was a fun day and look how cool. Our treats were featured right in front. Thanks Urban Dogs!

It was really cool to be able to meet Uneek Urban Dogs too. Roxy and Sabrina, Toy Poodles, came in to get their doggy fix! Mom and Dad are really enjoy spoiling their little girls. Who can blame them. They are not only even a year old yet. What fun to come!

Lola, a Pug, is the proud pup of Urban. Her Mom works there and she was in to get a new collar. I thought she was just too cute! It was hard to get a clear shot because she does not stop moving. Loves to give kisses too!

Patrick an Italian Greyhand, came in to get all his gear for his new life. Mom just rescued him 2 days ago. How cool is that! He was so sweet. He sat through wardrobe changes from collars and harnesses to raincoats. Like a true champion, he went along with it.

I think he was really enjoying it! It wore him out.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Uneek Treats is having a Special Event day at Urban Dogs in Bellevue this Saturday, September 9th from 11-3! I look forward to seeing you there! Come with all of your dog friends. You will love the store and of course Uneek Treats too!

Urban Dogs has two locations, so if Bellevue is just a bit too far to go, their Tacoma location, on Dock St., will be carrying our treats too!

We Made a Big Splash online!

Ok, I love puns and that one could not be more obvious. Check us out in LA Splash Magazine online! What a great shot of our treats and a great article! First, scroll through the event pictures, past the mega list of stars reading all of the famous names who have Uneek Treats, some of the other awesome products that were there and bam! there we are! Uneek Treats. I am really having too much fun.

I would also like to say a kind word to Michelle from the Tacoma Farmer's Market today (this was my last day this year). She sent me the most uplifting and supportive email. It is everything to me to be able to share my passion and move someone to pass on a kind thought or well being. It means so much to be able to do Uneek Treats and it would not happen without each and everyone who supports me. I save those emails and testimonials and remember, I love photos of your best 4 legged pal and l want to share them with everyone so send them in!

If you cannot find me at a market and don't want to pay shipping, go into your locally owned pet store and tell them you would like them to carry Uneek Treats!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another Great Hit from the Emmy Buffet Event

Check out this really cool ad. Funny to be in this particular ad. These are the stars I missed being able to meet and say hello to at the event. Since they did not stop by, they must not have dogs. A few of my favorite stars too. Keira Knightly is awesome in all she does and Allison Janney was in my living room every week while I watched West Wing on TIVO. I wish our goverment could even begin to conceive of thinking of acting in a manner like West Wing. Jerry Ferrara is on my favorite show Entourage. I think it would be fun to have a guest shot on that show. Just to hang and meet everyone. They really seem to have fun doing it.

I really enjoyed meeting Kathy Griffin. How fun is she! A great sense of humor and so kind. She could not wait to get into the Beagle Bites and try them herself! Kathy really wanted to know what her dog was eating! This is so exciting. I will keep you posted on more ads or stories as they come along!

Tacoma Market Good To Be Back

It was a nice sunny day but I could feel fall in the air. Even thought the market was slow I still had the cutest visitors. I just love our customers.

Like Gustov who is just a pup and how cute is this face...

He was very distracted so it was hard to get a still shot of him. Who could blame him, there is much fun going on!

Then Angel came by. I thought she was so beautiful. What a sweetheart. Angel was enjoying her day at the market. Mom was brought to the booth by a customer who bought treats a few markets ago. Her dogs love Uneek Treats. I was excited to hear that and hope I get pictures of her pups as well!

I just love this shot I got. Once in a lifetime! A Uneek shot of a Uneek Dog! Way to be so very cute Angel!