Saturday, November 11, 2006

Washington Council For The Blind Convention

It was an incredible experience for me. I was told there is a saying among the blind, "Sight is overrated." There were no truer words spoken. There was an amazing flow and energy. Such a tight community also. Most folks knew each other and or heard of each other. I was no execption. The word was spread about Uneek Treats.

There are so many supportive groups for the blind like South King Council for the Blind

United Blind of Spokane

United Blind of Whatcomb County

Seattle Lighthouse, The Lighthouse For The Blind

Next Level Assistive Technology

En Vision America

Community Services for the Blind and Partially Sited

Camp Harobed

Capitol City Council of the Blind

Assistive Technology Loans

Lilly with Mom Pam, creators of Blinksoft

Here are all the wonderful folks who were at the convention to learn about and be able to take advantage of the services available to enhance their lives.

Look how well they do in crowds just waiting for their next direction

How alert and protective they are... and how happy Mom is

They come in all types of breeds like this rescue from Texas!

A poodle who loves Mom and is a great guide dog

Even at 9 years old, the energy of 3 dogs

Ever so patient and just as sweet

Guide Dogs for the Blind Yakima Chapter (Labs are the most common)

German Shepards do well and ever alert waiting for the next command

They may not be able to be pet by people but they sneek in greeting to each other when no one is looking

Even if they look alike they are so very different

Just look at that face!

It is amazing how much independence guide dogs provide

They don't just work, they love too

There is always options to help in so many different ways. It was great to see how dogs can give life and freedom and unconditional joy and get it all in return. It sure wa hard to not pet them and say hello with a hug, so I asked them to do it for me when they were off duty.


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