Friday, November 24, 2006


Please click on Tank to help him find a home. He is a special fellow who needs parents who want a special pal to take care of!

Here an excerpt from his bio:

You may think that five years isn't that old, and it's usually not. But for an x-large boy like Tank, it's older than you think. You see, Tank is carrying around many extra pounds and unfortunately the extra weight, combined with age, has led him to develop arthritis in his right hip and right stifle (a dog's "knee"). His gait is funny and he takes a little longer to sit down and stand up, but he still willingly goes on leisurely walks and does his best to hop into the car when it's time to go for a ride. And despite being isolated and virtually ignored for who knows how long, Tank is one of those big, friendly, goofy "teddy bear" dogs. He loves to be hugged, cuddled and generally adored...

What a great gift for any time of the year but especially this time of giving and loving and thinking of other than oneself. How cool to be able to see that gift every time you look into Tanks eyes!!!

Thanks Karleen for always being there to help an animal in need!


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