Monday, September 11, 2006

Uneek and Eartly Donations and Gingers Rescue

Uneek Treats and Earthly Delights sent a donation of our three treats varieties and mini Charlie Bar soap-on-a-ropes for the Lint Roller Party swag bags. It was a lot of work and a tight deadline but fun to do and feels really good. There is a long list of celebrities and I am sure everyone of them will help in raising quite a bit of money for our homeless friends!

I have included a posting from Craigs list to help aid in Ginger's Pet Rescue. Ginger has been helping rescue so many dogs in WA. My hat is off to Ginger and if there is anything you or someone you know can do, please, she can use the support!

Ginger'sPetRescue seeks volunteers, FOSTER (ASAP!)forever homes 4 dogs
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Date: 2006-09-08, 7:08PM

*** We have several dogs coming from shelters that need foster homes immediately!!! Saving them at the last minute is wonderful but placing them temporarily is CRUCIAL. If you or anyone can help, please contact us asap!!!*****

Thank you to the sweet woman who sent us 12 brand new collars for our rescue dogs! We appreciate such donations so much and they will be put to good use. If anyone is interested in donating dog supplies, food, flea medication, anything dogs may need, we would be VERY grateful! Also, we are looking for people to help us with fundraising ideas and to volunteer their time to assist once we plan some!

I'm posting on behalf of my friend's rescue group "Ginger's Pet Rescue". She started her organization this year and has saved over 120 dogs from shelters, mainly in eastern Washington. She desperately needs foster homes (and adoptive homes) for these animals. Foster homes need to have a fenced yard please and be able to keep a dog for a fair amount of time until Ginger has a chance to find them homes. All of the dogs she saves are days away from being euthanised due to shelter overcrowding. They are very adoptable, friendly and gentle animals that just need a second chance.

Also Ginger has her non-profit status now-number available upon request for tax write-off/donations. Thanks!!!

If you or anyone you know are interested in helping to foster, transport or volunteer, please contact Ginger at, Perrin at or myself at for more information. Her website is You can also see her adoptable dogs and happy "tails" at (or beautiful animals from ALL shelters in Washington).

THANK YOU from all of us who help Ginger save precious dogs!
Karyn and her two pups, Raven Zeusy
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