Sunday, October 08, 2006

Roofest '06

We spent the day amongst the Grayhounds. It was a do for the adoption of these very different dogs.

This was my first contact with the breed. Go to the dog park and try to pet one and like the rest of the big dogs, you are ignored. You get the feeling that they are full of themselves but this is not the case. They are loving and very attentive to their family.

Most if not all of them are rescues from really horrible conditions and they only know their own breed and not allowed to mix socially with other breeds.

All of the dogs today were very laid back and would let you pet them to your hearts content. All were very soft and very clean. We found out that they have very thin skins and would show any scratches and we saw a lot. Before we found out about the skin we thought that they got it from racing.

For a large dog, they are very good in apartments or condos. Although, any dog of any size would benefit from a large yard.

They are very quiet generally but some were chatty cathys and whined a lot of stories.

And then one of the people helping out started to howl and all of the dogs picked up on it and for at least a half a minute we felt we were keeping company with wolves. Very strange....

The dogs that are up for adoption are:

Bobbie-dark red and fawn-20 mo.'s old.

Chief- brindle-5 years old and Star

Spot- white with black-1 1/2 yrs old.

Didgeridoo- brindle-18 mo.s old. and Holly too

Gable-brindle-4 yrs. old.

Star-white-2 yrs old---- got a home!!!!!!- see her pretty in pink.

Tessa-dark fawn-2 yrs old---- also went home!!!!! Will join 3 others- how cool is that?

Lacy-white with brindle-18 yrs old with Spot

Holly-white with black-18 mo's old.

Belle- white with fawn-17 mo's old.

We may hear about Didgeridoo later. He has a home visit to make. But you should have seen the bonding going on with Dig and the young lady who would like to have him. Her parents are also looking at two of the others. Good luck guys!

New friends are:

Wendy, a brindle and such a chatterbox. Was telling us stories all day. This was one single moment we caught her resting.

Cagney, also a brindle, likes to eat off the table-big dog, boardinghouse reach.

Ann, white and brown, very warm to the touch.

Otis, a Colorado rescue of 6 weeks and now in family of 4.

Cleo,a brindle and Bill, white and brown of Pacific Rain Company say hi.

A learning day today and well worth the time, especilly when you see the dogs leaning their heads into their owners and they stood around- also very patient with just standing there with you whether or not they are being petted.

See the people to contact if you are interested in one of these wonderful dogs and until next time, Ciao.


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