Thursday, December 28, 2006

Annie Needs A Home By 8 AM!

There is a never ending supply of 'urgent adoption needs'. It is so hard to take. Once your home is at capacity, how do you help the next one that comes. I can only think Community. Each one of us networked with another. Adoption emails we can send to our group and they to theirs and so on. Not everyone can adopt each email but the next person may.

Look for updates to our donation page. Together, this years donations went to the Dugan Foundation, Great Dane Rescue, Washington Council for the Blind, Grey Hound Rescue, LA Animal Shelters and especially the Kent Animal Shelter and Gingers Pet Rescue.

The work never stops. If you can take this blog and send the link to as many poeple as you can on your list, there are some really amazing dogs that need rescuing.

This little gal has been in the shelter, waiting to be picked up or adopted. The shelter folks say she seems very friendly and loving and full of energy. She came to the shelter with a collar, but no tags and was picked up in the area of Forks Mobile Home Park.

To bring her home, call the Forks Animal Shelter at
360-374-2223 or email:

We will try to help with some of the transport - Denise and Chuck DeVaney, 360-963-2300.
Thanks for your help!

Fred and Ginger

They were dropped off at a shelter after 15 years of loyal service to my owner. Ginger has taken us. We had a hard time going to the shelter and are looking for a great home to ride out our lives.

This story I only have an address. Is there someone in the Seattle neighborhood looking for a great dog and can help this dog and this couple?

the dog at the rental house occupied by a couple at 4804 Delridge Way.
It is really, really sad to hear the poor dog in the middle of all the
rain and windstorms literally crying for attention and care. The barks,
cries and whimpering come straight up into our living room so I am
keenly aware of the animals plight.

It continues to receive no exercise and is kept chained up in the middle of mud hole on about a 10 foot leash. Seattle Animal Control has been a complete joke and bureaucratic nightmare.

The neglected animal just cries for attention. I have spoken with them twice since we have lived here about their dog. They have done little to nothing about it.

Please anyone who sees something really bad like that, do something. Draw attention to the issue by asking to help out or that you know a great home if the dog is too much for them.

Last but certainly not least Annie, she only has until 8 am tomorrow morning!

My name is Annie and I am a Labrador Pit Mix. I am 3 yrs old, spayed and have all my shots up to date. I get along with everyone...other dogs, cats, kids and people of all ages. With kids I love to be cuddled and petted by them and we get along so well! I am a real people dog and weigh 40 lbs, lots of happy energy and I love to play outside. I would make an excellent jogging partner, I love to swim and wrestle with you for fun. I need to be exercised as much as possible. My dream is someone with a huge back yard, lots of kids and open range. I love doggy parks and I will promise you unconditional love. I have no bad habits but training in agility would sure be fun for me to try. Adoption Fee: $ 200.00


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