Thursday, June 29, 2006

Earth Pet in Issaquah

Uneek had another great day. Earth Pet welcomed us on Friday June 23rd. I had the best day and enjoyed meeting the entire Earth Pet gang!

Scarlet, Evelyn and Hazel enjoyed all the treats and special attention from their Mom and Earth Pet owner Kristina as they showed off for all of the customers.

Earht Pet manager Pearl has trained her Border Collie, Brynn (one of three) to do an amazing routine of tricks. He is a great performer and really enjoys his rewards. They all went crazy for Uneek Treats and could not get enough.

Kristina and Pearl are so knowledgable about their products and what it takes to keep your pet in great health and fun. They carry the best products and what I enjoyed most about meeting everyone, was how they were all greeted by name!

That means so much to see so many repeat customers. Uneek friends Sal and Shelly Mom and Dad to their pug Willie and Laurie Mom to TJ support Earth Pet because they are such a great home for nutrition, environmentally friendly toys and everything dog that you can imagine (cats too)!

Earth Pet is the favorite shop of one delightful girl. Sophie with her Mom Page. I named her Sophie Sweet because she was just that! So very sweet.

Thank you to everyone who supports us and to Earth Pet for our biggest sale day yet!


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