Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Uneek Treats at the Silver Spoon Emmy Buffet

This event was by far Uneek's coolest opportunity yet! The Silver Spoon Emmy Buffet took place on Thurs and Fri last week just before the 58th Annual Emmy Awards. Uneek Treats are the treats to the stars. Green Bag Co. sent green bags down for me to pass out. They start in a pouch and unzip into a full size shopping bag. Tresa of Fashions-n-Moore hand crocheted dog scarves for me to pass out and all of the items on our table were a HUGE hit!

I left the Gift Show on Tues afternoon and went straight to the airport. Of course I rushed as the last flight out was at 7 and the show ended at 4. Aftert all the rushing the plane was delayed so I did not get into LA until very late. Wed was all about setting up.

It was hard work getting our Uneek table looking good. It was just like a farmers market with more signs and no farmers. The weather was great and the guests were incredible!

Of course we took the Dugan Foundation with us and I told everyone about our goal of creating Tacoma as a no kill community and building a no kill shelter. The support was overwhelming and we even received an on-the-spot donation from Tony Denison of The Closer! What a kind gentleman! It was amazing to see him in person as I TIVO The Closer every week.

A junkyard dog called a sitting Beagle showed the scarves by Tresa who can hand crochet anything from a dog scarf to a top, shorts, purse and even a water bottle holder. (If you are interested in a hand crafted item by Tresa, just shoot me an email and I will get connect you to her.)

Uneek Treats were in the hands of Teri Polo, Kathy Griffin, Leeza Gibbons, Kellan Lutz, Randy Jackson, Keira Knightly, Justin Krzyston, Hal Sparks and Samantha Humphrey's, Kristin Alfonso, Alison Sweeney, Jon Abrahams, Rachel Hunter Courtney and Ashley Peldon and many more!

Each person I met was so considerate, supportive, tentative and just plain cool! I just could not get over that. One would think, that if you are told every day how great you are, that perhaps you would lack any humble behavior. Not one person I spoke with was anything but kind!! I felt so lucky to have had that experience. That includes the media. Like Jenna of swagtime. We connected over our devotion to saving animals. Especially dogs. She rescues German Shepherds and gives every weekend to the cause of helping them find good homes.

Of course our biggest Uneek star of all was Chloe a 6 1/2 year old Pit Bull rescue.

Her Dad, Justin of Flaming Flower Productions, is a true hero. He rescued Chloe over 6 years ago and she loves him more than anything. Even our treats!

And you can tell how much she loves our treats. Chloe could hear Dad above all else and when they would walk together, you could see how proud she was. Her walk said, this is my Dad! See me with my Dad. Justin was kind enough to let me have Chloe for most of the time and it helped me because I missed Serch and The Zappa so much! Of course she is a total chick, dude magnet. Nobody could resist her!

Thank you so much to everyone and their kindness. It was a great pleasure to meet you all from Lorena, Melissa and the girls of Silver Spoon, Justin and Chloe of Flaming Flower Productions, the great gals of Kirsten Jade the most beautiful dresses I have every seen! Sabrina of Healing Anthropology incredible skin care products (who I found out, bought treats from me at the Ballard Market in Seattle and we are at an exclusive event together in LA, small world!) and all the other people from the event who were there with their products. To the guest of the event. Not only did I get to do something I dreamed of since I was little, I will have the best memories of my time there. I wish you all the most of successes and take great care!


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