Monday, August 28, 2006

Dog's Day Before Uneek's Big Adventures

Well it has been a long two weeks. I had so much fun and worked really hard. Just before it all exploded, Serch and The Zappa got in some much needed family time. Here is there favorite day of all. A ride in the Jeep to Grandview Offleash Dog Park.

Offleash play and ball running other dogs and no restrictions.

After they had all the fun they could have had, it was home for Uneek Treats.

Offleash dog parks are so important. Dogs are free to socialization with other dogs, sniff mail left by others and run, run, run! Offleash dog parks can go into places you would not think. Please support S.O.D.A and encourage off leash parks in your neighborhood. A healthy and happy dog is the sign of a good owner! We all know how important it is to take care of that which is in our charge! It shows our character!

A special thank you to Willow for her kinds words on her new blog and for her Uneek Dogs cards soon to be available on


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