Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kirkland Market

Today started out cloudy and cool. The market quickly picked up as the weather started to clear and warm up. We had a slow but nice day today. I met Rocky and Sam. Sam loves Rocky so much and you can see why. An intelligent and adorable wire haired terrier who always wants to run and play. Rocky loved our treats so much, he kept digging into Dad's top pocket to fetch them out. Rocky proved himself to be a Uneek dog!

Next Lizzie stopped by and how sweet, soft and beautiful she is. Lizzie loved our treats and was so excited she is going home with Beagle Bites. She could not wait for later and tried to find her way into the box. Lizzie is definitely a Uneek dog!

Uneek is proud to share that we are making a natural dog soap with Organic Oils that will enrich the skin and soften the coat. We are making a soap on a rope that has very little packaging that is fully recycleable and our soaps are lovingly made by Earthly Delights. Earthly Delights also has many lotions, creams, facial scrubs and lip balms just for you. Please check out their website and you will see the philosphy is one and the same with ours. My favorite lotion is White Tea and Ginger. A fresh scent that I enjoy and that Serch is not allergic too.


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