Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Woofstock '06

Uneek survived Woofstock 2006!

Serch and The Zappa came with Dad and enjoyed the music, vendors just for dogs and said hi to all of their Woofstock buddies! Uneek and I were even on TV. KOMO 4 was there to capture what we were doing and share the event on the 5 o'clock news. Current coverage was great because the venue did not end until 9 pm. (We are trying to get that footage!)

It was not about us though. It was for the dogs. There were 34 adoptions, 8 pending at last count. That is a wonderful day. I would love if there were no more dogs in a shelter and Woofstock helped go in that direction.

This was the first Woofstock in Tacoma, WA. A BIG thank you to the Dugan Foundation for bringing us all together. There were many vendors who came and most importantly all the organizations who are doing the most important work. Actually rescueing, treating and finding homes for animals in need.

Bullseye Dog Rescue was a big hit in our hearts. Uneek is partial to Pit Bulls and we find they are an exceptionally needy animal. Not only do they have a stigma of being mean (which is so not true in the majority of cases) they are a breed that does not come out of the shelters. They are in need of foster homes just like big black dogs. It is so hard to imagine but a shelter can find homes for lighter colored smaller dogs verse big black dogs as much as 11 to 1 in shelters around the country.

I have found over the years, Pit Bulls are kind, gentle, loving dogs who are great with children. They generally have even temperaments. Of course, we all know that children are a product of their parents. Good parents make good children and good dogs. It is the owner not the dog that need be held responsible for the misbehaviors of those in their charge.

Please, the next time you want to think a breed is mean, give them a break and put responsibility where it belongs. In the hands of the owner! We all need to be good stewards of the world. Our behavior has a ripple effect and continues in all directions from us. We are all neighbors to someone. Help to reduce breed specific legislation and educate our lawmakers to the real issues.

Scrappy came by to see us. She is one of many pits at Bulls Eye Dog Rescue. Scrappy was adorable. What a great girl. I know she will find a good home. Just like her friends.

Dewey, who just got adopted from the Humane Society, is 8 weeks old and look at that face. A Korean Jindu/Beagle mix sitting in his proud Dad's arms. Dewey is on his way home to meet his rescue sibling and we give congratulations to Dewey's new family (Mom is behind the scene smiling so proud also)! Way to give Dewey the winning lottery ticket!

I went around the adoption area and brought you each rescue organization at Woofstock. I will do my best to get their links in place.

It is so encouraging to see that there are helpful souls, yet so sad that there needs to be. Because I find it so hard to see that these animals don't yet have someone of their own, so I look at what they do have, wonderful organization that will help guide them to one.

We can all help, we can all find the time to ask a friend or neighbor, or even yourself to adjust your life to include a pet. What animals give us, is beyond measure. They help us get out and excercise and enjoy life. Lead us to others like ourselves. Encourage us to begin giving even more. Like building off-leash dog parks. Helping other rescue operations, creating awareness for better nutrition. Whatever aspect of your new relationship that speaks to you. It is truly amazing what you can make happen!

Greyhound Pets of America Greater NW another Greyhound rescue

Cascade Animal Protection Agency www.volunteersolutions.org

Washington Alaskan Malamut Adoption League www.wamal.com

Gingers Death Row Pet Rescue www.gingerspetrescue.org

Hope For Horses (on our links page too) www.hopeforhorses.net

Kindred Souls Foundation (also on our links page) www.kindredsoulsfoundation.org

K-9 Unit Department of Corrections

Humane Society Outreach (also on our links page) www.humanesociety.org

Pasado's Safe Haven (also on our links page) www.pasadosafehaven.org

Puyallup Animal Rescue www.petfinder.org
City of Puyallup site

Peninsula Spay and Neuter Project www.psnp.org

Prison Pet Partnership Program a win win for everyone! Please check them out and add your voice of support. We could use many more programs such as this, to help assimilate a loving environment in a hostile one and to give a dog a better shot of winning the doggy lottery. A very Uneek program www.prisonpetpartnership.org

Purrfect Pals cause avery cat matters www.purrfectpals.org

Pig Peace Sanctuary www.pigspeace.org

Foofer', a Shar Pei- Tibetan Temple dog, who is 3 years old and papered who is looking for a home. She was purchased originally for $2000.00 but her owner passed. Sweet nature and loves kids. She has so much skin it looks like she has wrinkled panty hose. Ha! She is with PEDA, see link.

Savvy Dog Boutique is having a GRAND OPENING 8/15, 11 to 7.
2811 Bridgeport Way W., University Place, 98466. 253-566 WOOF.

They are having 10% off on opening day and a pet photographer from Lil' Critters will be there. Be sure to stop in. Stock up on Uneek Treats while your there.

What a cool contraption! Make bike riding safe and fun for you and your dog! A vendor at Woofstock. Sorry, we did not get the name. I will try though. It is really neat. Everyone can get good safe exercise in our urban world. Plus, what a conversation starter!

How cool is Buddy in his Doggles! He loved Uneek Treats too! Lucky Dog Outfitters on 1610 6th Ave Tacoma 253.761.4486 was on the scene to provide shades for our K-9 pals!

Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound provides a safe educational environment that will enhance the partnership of persons with disabilities and their assistance dogs.

HARBOR HOUNDS is having their 4th annual dog walk on September 23 from 10-3. It will be at the Skansie Brothers nad Donkey Creek Parks. For more information visit www.harborhounds.com or write harborhounds@yahoo.com or call 253.241.9403. Thank you Gig Harbor Mid-Day Rotary for hosting this event! Please check out their event and enjoy! Encourage your local stations to make these beneficial events what news is all about!

All Breed Canine Search and Rescue is having their annual Dog Meet 2006 event. A 4 day gethering of canine search and rescue teams. This yearly event provides an opportunity for the SAR Dog community to train together, exchange ideas and refin their skills. They are a necessity and Uneek will be donating treats for their raffle. I am sure they could use help and your interest. Again, our media should be covering this and letting the community know, who is out there for our safety!


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