Monday, August 28, 2006

Uneek Treats at the Seattle Gift Show

Well, we survived The Seattle Gift Show. Our first. Held at the Tradecenter in downtown. Nice place. Very large and chock full of many, many different things. You go on sensory overload after a while. The show was from Saturday August 19th to Tuesday August 22nd. They were 4 long but fun days. Here is the beginning of our display for the show.

Here it is all finished and looking pretty good. Thanks Pete for helping set up and thanks Dad as always, for giving up your weekend!

There was even a fashion show for all the pet products. Here is our display. A video is soon to come. You can see our Charlie Bar soap made by Earthly Delights and the Uneek Cards by our resident awesome photographer Willow!

I really enjoyed the meeting the other vendors like Nope It's Soap! for the prankster in you! The funny soap thought up by Jackie (seen here) and Randy (not seen here). What a great couple and the best of luck to them. Check them out, it will crack you up!

The Sakura Tree from Hawaii. Specializing in dog clothes and all manner of fun items for your pooch, straight from the islands.

Shauna Morrissey Ltd does fun and amazing designs on furniture. Set in vibrant colors and stylish pieces, you can have your pooch and show it too. She also does cats for the multi pet lover!

Of course our blog is not complete until I add a dog. One would not expect a dog at the gift show so it was a surprise to see Tinkerbell, a cute black and tan Chihuahua. Tinkerbell charmed us while paying a visit.

There were stores from Canada and Alaska to Eastern Washington and Montana who stopped by. Everyone was so suportive and it was a pleasure to meet them all. Take a look for us to appear all over the country and Canada and of course, we will list the upcoming locations that will be carrying Uneek Treats on our Treats page! Our Uneek Dogs cards and Charlie Bar soap are almost in the shopping cart. We are getting there!


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