Monday, January 12, 2009

Seattle Dog Winterfest 2009

What a great success despite the hiccups. Ginger's Pet Rescue adopted out over 10 dogs with 2 of them being special needs. How is that not a success! That is the great news to be shared.

There were a few confusing facts put out, that created some inconvenience. I know from experience, that can happen with a first event. As a vendor, I have had it affect me. Some times it becomes a live and learn situation and the next time, those are all avoided.

Everyone involved felt so bad that the patrons were stuck in a difficult situation. Every person volunteering took it personally, even though it was not anyone's intention or really anyone's fault.

Even though not every person had the experience they were looking for, it was all about charity. Perhaps the focus can change and the community can show support for successes of the event.

When passions run high, it is usually because someone cares. It was a great show of the love owners have for their dogs, that they wanted to share with them the experience of Winterfest.

Again, there was so much that was positive. Vendors involved with Winterfest, jumped right in to help in light of the confusion. I could not have been more proud for all the efforts to rally around and try to insure a succesful venue for our dogs in need. That is what it was all about.

That great show of commitment to the cause came from (to mention a few) Bark Central who were on hand with boarding and doggy play and Fetch Pet Care stepped up to give dogs walks so folks would be able to enjoy the show and get a chance to meet Cesar Millan.

For me, meeting Cesar Millan turned out to be an amazing experience. He is truly a great person! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet him.

I can tell you, you can feel his energy, his calm and his strength. It is all supported with a humble respect and appreciation that explains his ability to rehabilitate owners and their dogs that suffer with poor behavior and such severe aggression. He truly believes in the importance of dogs natural behaviors and the balance of people in that equation. You can feel it in him.

You understand his ability to give calm and order and pack position to stressed, confused, aggressive dogs. Dogs that desperately need to live a kinder life. As much as Ginger saves dogs from death row, out of puppy mills and off the streets, Cesar stops them from getting there in the first place.

I heard a story of a family who had a dog that was aggressive and had poor behaviors. They did not know what to do but certainly did not want to give up their family pet. The wife was able to take Cesar's tips and training methods and save the family pack. Another success story for dogs and their 2 legged companions.

Not everyone can learn from a show or tapes, they need a hands on trainer. Like Deborah Rosen of Good Citizen Canine who put on a wonderful seminar during the event. She spoke on her specialty, Dog on Dog Aggression and how to deal with and retrain that behavior. There are always options. If Deborah is not in your area, you can read her website to find the tools you need to find a qualified trainer in your area.

The event not only made me feel good for it's charity goals and the adoption of so many dogs, it was a great reminder that sometimes, you just need to go with the flow. And who better to show us how to do that than our canine companions.



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