Monday, January 01, 2007


"Won't you love me and take me home today?"

Bo was dumped and abandoned by his owners and was found extremely depressed. He was saved just one day before he was scheduled to die.

At 12 years old, Bo thought he would never be claimed or loved ever again.
A vet's office claimed him until a wonderful foster mom Laara decided to take him in.

Now Bo desperately wants his forever home or a new foster home.

Bo is a wonderful 80 lb German Shorthaired Pointer.

And he loves to point at the Ducks at Greenlake!

He gets along very well with other dogs, cats and children.

He is very, very sweet, housebroken and just one super neat dog.

He has a little bit of arthritis in his back legs but he still loves his exercise and daily walks.
I have supplements that can help Bo with his legs.

When I first met this dog, he was so calm, loving and so adorable.
I was extremely impressed with his easy disposition and his eagerness to please me.

Can anyone make Bo's New Year's a GOOD ONE and adopt or foster this dog.

This is urgent so please forward this dog to everyone you know.

As you all know that Senior Dogs have a very special place in my heart !!

Thank You and Happy New Year of 2007, Ginger


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