Friday, January 19, 2007


This poor dog lives in this horrible place and is in need of a foster or permanent home before being rescued. I have obtained permission from the landlord to remove it (it’s urgent as there is a deadline regarding the property) and they are working with me as much as possible. However, I’m in a dilemma of finding a place for this dog in time.

It is a large dog and very friendly. It is craving love and attention and has attempted to leave these people only to be returned to them. So it is now chained up. The owners have been seen hosing it down during these cold spells we’ve had for entertainment and raising a stick to hit it. They do not pet it, walk it or even talk to it. It’s hard to say why they even have a pet. I took these photos and the conditions are an improvement from how they were before – thanks to caring neighbors. But it’s not enough. The dog was shocked at the small amount of kindness I offered it which is captured in how it looks at me in the photos. He was barking when he first saw me and warmed up within a minute to my efforts to befriend him. It didn’t take much to win him over.

Contact Carina,

I would like to give special thanks to Carina for taking the time and giving herself to helping these needy animals. They deserve so much better! Lets all try to set an example of what it right. How you treat an animal is a direct reflection of your character!

If you can help in any way please let me know ASAP


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